Dakota trip

Been quiet here for awhile and wanted to get some chatter going. Anyone extend their season and get out West for birds? I spent a week in ND chasing ducks with a few friends the week before pheasant opened up. Got the dogs (griffs) on some grouse when the afternoon called for it.


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Fox Walker

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I just got back home from my annual duck and pheasant trip to beautiful South Dakota. The duck numbers weren't what they usually are, but they were still respectable. We hunted ten days, ducks in the morning and pheasants in the afternoons. I would say the pheasant numbers are the best I've seen since 2015.


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I was in South Dakota from 10/29-11/3. Man was it dry, but the bird numbers were definitely up from last year. It was in the 70s every day as well. This was my 25th trip to SD, and this year my childhood best friend, and his son joined me. He drove all the way from Virginia. They had the time of their lives and were blown away by how many birds we saw. We had limits every day. You really had to mark your birds, because the dryness made the scenting conditions tough. I'm heading down to Iroquois County this weekend for my first IL hunt this year.

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