CZ woodcock over/under 12 gauge

Roy B

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I just bought a CZ woodcock for pheasant and quail and whatever else and was just wondering if anyone else owns one of these or any CZ over/under and if so what their opinion and experiences have been as far as reliability ect......... I havent actually picked it up yet but its suppose to be in store on the 20th. Cant wait to get it and go shoot some clays before season starts here in Iowa!

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The Woodcock is a great gun with basically the same features as the Redhead but just with a different received finish. I got a few CZ's and they work fine. That is the CZ 1012 in the pic below but I have SxS and O/U guns.


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I too have a couple the woodcock 12/26 hardcased finish receiver and ring neck 20/26 erside by side I’m a browning lover but ended up with these two not bad quality for the money


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I had a CZ over under for one season. Couldn't get rid of it quick enough. Both fit and finish were subpar. Hard safety and trigger. Poor fit for me. Spent a couple hundred extra bucks on a used 686 and I'd be happy with only ever shooting that gun. YMMV


I've had about 5 CZ some were good a couple not so good. I traded them in on a couple of Browning Citori's a CXS in 20 gauge,a Hunter Grade 1 in 12 gauge and a Franchi Affinity 3 in 20 gauge haven't looked back.