Cost of raising pigeons?


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Has anyone raised pigeons in a small coop for training their dogs? Is it cost effective vs buying pigeons? Has anyone had problems with various parasites that pigeons can pick up such as lice? Some small cities such has Sioux Falls allow raising chickens in the back yard so pigeons should be legal to raise. Pigeons aren't particularly noisy. I have eaten pigeons that I used to hunt in Kern County, California and there a good eating bird.
My friend and I buy trapped feral pigeons from a guy on years we are starting a dog. In my opinion they are the best training bird, but damn are they gross. Homers would be nice but there is no way I could put up with pigeons year round.
I catch and raise pigeons. The most expensive part is the traps and materials for the coop, you are better off buying traps instead of messing around with wire. I tried building a couple but by the time I finished I had spent just as much money, more time, and the product was not as good as someone who is set up for this. We did build our own coop, a small walkin probably 10x4x6. I keep anywhere from a couple to 25 easily. Water and some chicken scratch is all you need. Probably cost me 75 cents per bird per mo. I occasionally put gravel on the floor for their crops-which I get from the tops of ant beds. The main concern is predators-coons, skunks, fox, and whatever else can claw their way in. Make it sturdy and use small chicken wire where a coon can’t get their hands in. One night a coon killed 7 from the outside, he ate one thru the chicken wire, they are very driven to have their way. Buy a couple of leg traps and place around coop at night. Good luck. It’s worth it and kinda fun.
On trapping them, most business owners are happy to let you trap. I prefer buildings that have stair access so I don’t have to mess around with ladders. Keep it in the shade and have water. Check everyday if possible-I have the business owner check for me. It takes awhile and then all of a sudden you will catch birds. It helps to have a “bait” bird to make the free pigeons feel more comfortable. If you can you leave a bait bird in there for a day or two, just make sure it is shaded and has food and water. Good luck
I guess they taste like a dove? I’ll stick to McDonalds. A pigeon in a launcher is a super training tool and cheap.
The common pigeon is also known as the North African Rock Dove so there just bigger doves. I enjoyed eating them fried with chipotle peppers. In the Middle East a common wedding gift is two squabs meaning pigeons that are not quite able to fly so the meat is more tender. If you hunt pigeons of course any dog will gobble them up once you breast them plus feed them the organ meats.
Pigeons love dairies as do Eurasian doves which last I checked are common in the South Western states. No doubt there are tons of recipes has pigeons have been what's for dinner for thousands of years.
If I move from Culver City I hope to find a friendly dairy owner just don't use your best shoes or boots because reasons.
I just started this June with a group of squeakers. Had a couple fly off but have 8 that are homing real nice. I let them out every evening and they go in to roost when they’re ready. They don’t cost much to feed. Will start using them this fall for training. As far as getting them to home, start with squeakers and don’t let them out at all for first six weeks or so. They’re kind of growing on me. I enjoy watching them fly around the yard. They’re gross in the loft but any bird would be I suppose….


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