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If a moderator nixes this thread, understood. My purpose is to start a discussion about members' cc practices, if any, and how they navigate in their states' cc laws. In Kansas where I live the legislature has made cc legal for anyone who can lawfully possess a gun; no cc license necessary. Kansas is also an open carry state although certain municipalities ban it. The city I live in does not ban open carry; however I cannot recall ever seeing open carrying here.

Kansas still licenses for cc so that residents can enjoy the now extensive reciprocity in effect with other states. For that reason I got a cc license which requires taking a one-day course, passing a test, and proficiently shooting 50 rounds at varying ranges.

As far as carrying, I rarely have it on my person. Whenever I travel out of town I do have it in the car, a long-standing habit that accounts for a friend and I being alive today.

Please share your cc experiences.
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Matt D

I always have in my vehicle but rarely do I carry on my person. I understand stuff can happen any where but where I live and travel I believe it to be very unlikely to need it on my person at all times. When I do happen to venture in to less desirable areas then I make sure it is on me. I do have my CCW license.