Colorado Sage Grouse

Heading out tomorrow for some Sage Grouse hunting on the western slope. Will be the first wild bird hunt for the new Golden. I plan on hunting unit 3 - if we get into them Saturday figure we will head into Routt to chase some blues. Hopefully my scouting paid off last week - if your headed that way PM me.
Good luck Boomer! Hope the winter wasn't too hard on them.

Dog has surgery tomorrow for an abscessed tooth. Might try last day of season if the vet clears him. Otherwise I'm going to hold at home until prairie chicken season starts in Kansas.
Well it wasn’t an abscessed tooth so my Springer was raring to go. Headed up Saturday morning. Ran into 3 birds. Brought two to hand.
I was surprised a the little bit of sign I saw. Usually in this area I bump at least two coveys. There was a lot of water and feed but the birds seemed to be absent. I know it’s not my Springer in the picture. It’s my fox red lab. She’s the ham and likes being in photos.IMG_1639.jpeg
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I witnessed the same, lots of good water and vegetation but no sign and I didn’t flush anything. Several years of drought and a tough winter?