Checking In


Hi guys!

Been awhile since I have posted. I would check on the site and not see much going on, so I didnt post.
Ran into Ia at heart on another page and thought I would just pop in.

A lot of things have happened in the last little bit. My son got married. He joined the Navy and is now stationed in Japan. I became a performance judge for the versatile dog clubs and will be studying to be a conformation judge for my breed.
Been doing some off and on dog training on the side, and we moved to a small acreage in Waterloo.

Sad news is my old Munsterlander, the one that got me roped into all of this, got put down a few weeks ago. 14 years and 8 months. She must have had a couple strokes because she couldnt stand straight and would stagger in left circles. :-(
Ornery old heifer was still trying to mark over the other dogs urine Mark's up until the end. :)
It hurt us bad. My husband the worst though. I understand that she had one hell of a ride and am at peace with it.

Been duck hunting to pass the time until the season starts. Probably going to duck hunt pheasant opener so I dont have to fight the orange army. The go out during the week.

If anyone get up my way, give me a shout and let's hunt!

Stay safe, make sure your dogs have tags on and microchips have been located just incase they get away!

Does anyone k ow if we can post pictures off of our phone on here?

Ranger Rick

Sorry to hear about the old partner passing away. It's a very hard experience to get over. Yes, the site has been pretty quiet. My usual group for the opener isn't going and I'm looking at a later hunt this year. I think it will be tough the first couple weeks with so much corn still standing.

Kevin W

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My son and I went today, NW Iowa. Very poor for us. Only one rooster and one hen seen in our usual spots. No shots fired, very concerning for sure.


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My son and I got out for a couple hours, cover was very thick/tall and frosty where we were. Crops still in the fields too. Just saw got up two hens no roosters this time. Good to get the dog out, she loved it!


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I've gotten my dog out for a few days.Got a few birds, had some excellent meals.The weather was warm.Checked out the keil ranch, and the Olson farm.


I’ve hunted Nebraska, South Dakota, and Iowa and had the best luck in Iowa. I’m not seeing many birds in any of these states. Harvested 9 roosters in 10 outings hunting 2 to 3 hours per day. I hunt alone with my Brittany.

Kevin W

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I've been out 6 times and I haven't fired a shot yet. I haven't seen any other hunters out either, this is by far the worse year ever for me pheasant hunting in Iowa.