Brutal hunting


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I hunted Sunday AM around the Yuma area, just me and my 2 yr old Vizsla. I hit 6-7 spots with pretty decent cover, and some without much at all. I thought for sure I'd at least bump a bird by accident, but only flushed one at 100 yds out, and that was a spot too sparse I almost drove right past. I did find one WIA spot where a hunter cleaned two roosters and left the heads, guts, wings, etc laying in the grass next the road (not classy people, clean your birds at home, that's in the rules).

It's like there are no birds out there at all, not even driving around am I seeing any. Covered about 60 miles driving around and nothing. Is that was everybody else is seeing out there? It sucks.
my cousin and i and our 3 dogs were out on saturday hitting the private property we have permission to hunt. Total for the day was 40 hens and 4 roosters, of coarse the hens held tight and would have made great shots and the roosters jumped ahead of us giving us no shot. we were in our t shirts by 9:30 and went through alot of water. we will go out again but i think we will wait for some colder weather to help concentrate the birds to the cover that is still there.

This years hunting is nothing compared to last year but i still look forward to taking the dogs and my cousin hunting, enjoying the outdoors and the company.


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I've seen the same thing, nothing but a few hens...need the hens, but want to get the GSP on some roosters and not seeing anything, even road birds.