brief news clip out of SD/pheasant outlook 2019

There was a ton of daylight between the hunter and the bird. I wouldn't have taken issue with someone shooting that bird over me... other than it should have been my bird.
Note to self, don't hunt with Mill Creek.......... LOL

I see your point Mill Creek, but that's why I thought is was more funny than dangerous. I still would not have taken that shot, but to each their own.
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A5 Sweet 16

Camera angles can be pretty deceiving. But it sure looks like the bird was between the 2 guys & in my opinion, neither should've even mounted his gun until the bird had passed. Yes, both guns were obviously angled upward (not a very high bird though) & maybe a little to the side. But I've been hit by stray pellets from shots that I'm pretty sure were "safer" than the one in this pic. All it takes is that 1 pellet that for whatever reason decides to not fly straight. Sure, what are the odds? It happens. No thanks.
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