Boykin or Picardy pup


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Willing to trade my beautiful 1917 K-98 K Mauser sport modified hunting rifle for a male Boykin Spaniel hunting prospect. Depending on the lineage and price of the pup we would take the value of the rifle off of the purchase price of the pup. I'd also consider trading for a Picardy pup, not a Blue Picardy. I am looking to start competing but I do mainly Upland hunting. I'd be happy to have you examine the rifle at a location of your choice before a decision is made to trade, the rifle is appraised at $600.00 including the cost of the sporting upgrades. I am located in the Upstate of South Carolina and we will complete the proper paperwork to transfer ownership of the rifle when the pup is ready to be picked up. This Mauser uses 8mm ammunition and has been fitted with a Remington walnut wood stock, has all matching serial numbers and a jeweled bolt. Rifling and bore in excellent condition, includes Redhead hardcase.


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Boy dude, you have quite the request. I would think being in South Carolina you would have access to a number of Boykin breeders since that's where the breed originated. But you have also thrown out a breed, the Picardy Spaniel, that I'm going to guess the vast majority on this site have never heard of. A few years ago I looked into the Picardy Spaniels to some degree, mainly the Blue Picardy. Both the Picardy and the Blue Picardy are extremely rare in this country. I don't know if I found a breeder of the Picardy in North America. I did find a couple of Blue Picardy breeders in Canada. Why don't you want a Blue?