Bird Dog Bunkhouse 2016***Gettysburg, SD



Hey guys. It's time to start thinking about making plans for the upcoming South Dakota pheasant season.
I have some dates booked with new and returning friends but still have plenty of good available dates.
Details of the house are:
Gettysburg, SD
Five bedrooms sleeps six with two bathrooms
Fully equipped kitchen
Comfortable living room
Nice game room
Big screen TV
WiFi Internet access
Ten indoor dog kennels with individual runs
Large double garage with indoor bird cleaning area
Bird freezer
Close proximity to grocery stores, restaurants, hardware, hospital, Vet, bars, police, pizza, golf and gas.
Plenty of public ground to hunt in a 50 mile radius
Five and ten night lodging packages available
October and December dates are lodging only (5 nights $450)
November lodging with all meals included (5 nights $650)
I prefer talking to guys on phone instead of PM back and forth. If interested call with questions or specifics call Bobby at 208-709-2919

***If there are guys here who would like to get together and hunt as a UPH group that would be lots of fun. Let me know any interest. I'd be up for that for sure.

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First two weeks in November are full. Still have dates available for you, your friends and dogs if you want to hunt roosters.



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Little help here?

I believe it is $75 per night per man for a six man crew. That is $450 a night.
So 450 a night for 5 nights is $2,250. Then adjust for high season.

Hopefully Bobby can confirm this.


$450 per person for 5 nights lodging ($90/night) so you can get in 5 days of hunting.

Some guys (Pheasant Junkies) stay 10 nights for $900 per person.

I stay there all of November (Ultimate Pheasant Junkie...Haha) to hunt. During that time I provide three meals per day. I cook a hardy breakfast, we pack a field lunch and I cook a great dinner at night. The cost for 5 nights with meals is $625 per person. $1250 if you stay 10 nights.



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ducxdog, if I were to stay there in November with you, would it be possible to hunt with you as well? Do you hunt strictly public land? What kind of success rates do you see when you are out there for a month!


ducxdog, if I were to stay there in November with you, would it be possible to hunt with you as well? Do you hunt strictly public land? What kind of success rates do you see when you are out there for a month!
How long are you staying and can we use your red F150? :cheers:


I usually hunt with the guys who come stay with me at least some days. I don't hunt big groups. I don't mind pointing guys in the right direction. I want everyone to get birds or at least shots who stay at the house. It's a fun atmosphere when birds are killed.

I hunt 90% public land. I kill lots of birds. That's why I post photos to show it's real.

Write me and we can figure out dates. Some are full but still have openings. :thumbsup:


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Looks and sounds like you have a great set up at a reasonable price. I would have loved to have stayed at your place or even joined up with you this year, had we not lost Rusty, a Golden, our family companion and fantastic bird dog, to cancer this past April. Perhaps in the future.......

We've hunted public lands in SD for the past several years and always had a great time, but it's always nice to find new places and make new friends along the way.


Sorry about your Rusty. It's tough to loose our dogs. Keep me in mind another time.

I lost my good dog, Tag, to cancer April 2015. He was 12 so had many days in the field and blind. He gave me many lasting memories.

This was his last pheasant in 2014.

I put him in a goose decoy so we still hunt together.

His son Rush hunts with me now.

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We've been enjoying excellent hunting and weather on public lands. I have a few spots available if you want to come out.

Bird Dog Bunkhouse

5 of us stayed at the bunkhouse for five days,could not ask for better experience.Meals were excellent and accommodations could not have been better.

With Bobbies help hunting was great.


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I will second that last posting's comments. Stayed with Bobby and 4 other guys for a week and had a fantastic time. Would go again for sure.


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Bobby, good talking to you the other day. Looking forward to hearing from you about available dates, anytime in October or November. I would say December also, but we were up there in 2014 in early December and it was -16. Brrrrr.
Pat in Kansas


Bobby - I'm not familiar at all with South Dakota hunting - my lifelong experience lies in KS and one time in NW Oklahoma for quail.

Is your place close to any decent areas to hunt chickens or sharptails? My buddy and I were talking about making a trip to SD before bird seasons start here in KS.


We kill a few Sharptails but mostly incidental opportunities.

There are more Sharptails across the river on the reservation. I see them along the roads when driving home but I have not hunted them there since I am pretty busy keeping things going with guys at the house. It would be about a 30+ mile drive to go there to hunt.