Best laces knot

Bob Peters

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I've always done a standard bowtie knot on everything and never had many issues. On my last few hunts of the season I'm not sure what the deal was, but my Irish setters and my danners the knot kept coming untied while in the field. Nothing worse than having to stop the dog, take off gloves, set down gun and tie a boot up. Help me find a better boot lace knot please!


Have same problem with certain boots. I usually just either tie a double bow with the rabbit ears or start like i am going to tie a bow knot but instead of making the rabbit ears i just make the same over hand knot twice if laces arent to long.


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Round laces are only there for the way the make the boots look In the show room/shelf
Pull them off /out junk them —and get old fashioned flat type laces for good snug fit and tight knot. Jmo