Arrowhead Resort at Cedar Shore. Oacoma, SD


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Now that GSP4 brought up dogs and hunting trips. Planning on heading out for some freelancing in November. Always wanted to hunt around Chamberlain. Already hunted around Mitchell and other areas. My wife and I want to do an anniversary trip the first of November so am looking at Arrowhead Resort to stay at. Any one else stay there? Hunters and dogs are welcome. Thanks, Richard


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Yes, hunter and dog friendly. Haven't been there in several years, but it is probably the nicest quality hunter friendly place that you could stay at within a 100ish mile radius of there. Personally, it is out of my price range for hunting trips - however if you're wife is coming along, it might be the correct option (depending on her standards).


I have not stayed there, but had dinner there with my son one night while hunting in Chamberlain several years ago. The restaurant was very nice & the food was good.


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Thank you for the input. Booked the first week of November. Tried for a walk out with a river view of course picked the week a business group is there taking up 65 rooms. Thanks again, Richard