anybody still here?


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Time to get the Idaho forum going, post pics of new pups, or anything else, i am seeing more phez this year than last, and my boy can hunt this year so its going to be alot of fun, got him a nice GWP pup to get him started right.


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EEK I don't know what happened to jsdriggs and others from Idaho?????? Glade to hear about the birds and your sons new pup.:thumbsup:


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Phesants down?

didn't seen many pheseants this summer. I didn't go to the usual spots though. Chucker and Huns looked good around Poky this year.


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Hi jmac. No, we don't even have the regs out yet. I usually don't hunt ducks till after Thanksgiving. Upland first and foremost. My black dog would probably bite me if it wasn't that way!
I see, hope you have a great upland season and welcome again.:)

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Party and Golf tournament were a great success. Raised $1000 for a friend with cancer and NO insurance.

Kind of can't remember the entire party though! A LOT of Crown Royal by everyone. Dropped to sleep at 3AM.
Good job! The dogs are doing great, kept a pup from our litter so now there are 3 springers in the house.:eek: