Any preliminary info?


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Anyone in NW Iowa have any preliminary info on what they are seeing regarding birds for this year? With the mild winter and solid nesting weather, hoping locals are noticing an increase.


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probably a bit soon to get a good feel for the hatch....little peepers are hard to see in the summer foliage.


It’s shaping up to be the best pheasant hatch we’ve had in Kansas for several years. Hearing from farmers that they’re seeing lots of hens with sizable broods while cutting wheat. We usually have similar weather patterns with Iowa, so I’m hopeful you guys will have another great hatch this year. I know last year was the best you’ve had in quite some time. I have a buddy who I waterfowl/upland hunt with here in Kansas, and he offered to take me to his family’s ground in Iowa to chase pheasants this year. I believe I’ll take him up on that. I’d love to come up to Iowa and do some hunting.


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Hope you are right. Last year, if all the hens we saw in Iowa have good hatches of chicks this fall should be incredible.


I have seern more hatched-out nests this year in our CPR than the last several years combined. It has been hot and dry here, that can't be good for them, seeing a few you ones.