Aberdeen area


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Just got back from a trip just east of there over the weekend. It looked like all the beans have been taken out but there is still ALOT of corn standing and almost no tillage has been completed. This made the hunting extremely hard to say the least. I will post a report when I have more time.


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I was north of Aberdeen Nov 15-16-17, in the area we hunted 90-95% of the corn was standing. The hunting was much tougher than 3 weeks ago. We got some birds but walked a lot of empty ground during the day and had the most success in the last hour. The area is wet and multiple roads are closed. The first day we could walk on the ice in the open spots over areas that were ankle to boot top deep, but after the rain on Saturday those spots would not hold a hunter on Sunday. I would not venture across the ice esp. with warmer temps this week.

There were a few fields that were starting to harvest corn as we left on Sunday.

I did however, get my first Sharptail Grouse in 35 years of hunting pheasants in SD, so there was a bright spot in my trip.


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We were in Clack this past weekend,lots of corn more water than we knew what to do with. Hunted public grounds and ditches for 2 days before my dog got ripped open and had to call it a weekend. Friday was the best day,got 5 roosters saw 2 more along with tons of hens. Saturday was pretty tough,only saw 2 roosters and about 7-10 hens,birds were really running and busting 30-50 yards in front of the dogs,or sitting so tight that we would almost step on them. We had the most success in the afternoon,pushing to the waters edge then flankinng so they would flush over grass...planning on a return trip last week of Dec


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Thanks for the all the reports. I sure was hoping they would be just about done with the corn by thanksgiving.