A Nova Scotia Season over a Golden - movie


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Like the title says... After my lab Ruby died in April, I had the great good fortune to be invited to hunt some great covers over a friend's golden retriever, Ginger. To thank him, I stitched together this video of some of our adventures. I hope you enjoy this little snapshot of Nova Scotian pheasant hunting.


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GREAT VIDEO Loved every bit of it--thanks :coolpics::10sign:


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Spent 10 days in Nova Scotia and Cape Breton Island last summer. had 3 phez cross the road in front of us just outside a little town on the way to Advocate harbor.


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The only problem with dogs is they don't live long enough, and I share the loss of each one I know of personally, it's much the same as losing a close friend but sometimes even worse!:(
However, that is life, and there are new ones to be found and cherished!

Ya just gotta love a Nova Scotia pheasant video clip with Stan Rogers in the background!!:10sign:
My older brother was stationed in halifax for a while and i went to visit him - he lived in Upper Sackville.
Pheasants were EVERYWHERE!!:D
It's a great area of the country you live in for sure.:)
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