A gift for your hunting buddies

Bob Peters

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We have our annual trip coming right before Halloween. I was thinking of getting a gift for everyone to remember the trip, any suggestions? One year I got everyone a hoodie, I think they really liked that.


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How about a custom ball cap or stocking hat? Put a date, your groups call sign or nick names
We’ve done that. Good to offer to folks that let you hunt too if it’s a good looking quality hat. Lots of folks like a good gimme hat

Bob Peters

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Knife is a great idea. What about a Leatherman? Or a Yeti coffee cup. How much do u want to spend per gift?
I just thought of this today, or at least it came to the front of my mind. We've got 7 guys myself included going this year. Some I like more than others!😆 I like an idea of a blaze hat because these guys all hunt deer too. We don't really have a group nickname though, so not sure what I'd print. I did see you can customize opinel pocket knives, and they are reasonable, so was thinking of doing that. Several years ago I ran across under armor hoodies on a really really good sale price at rogers so I got one for everyone, except Jim! He was a last minute addition I hadn't known about. To those of you who have a solid and well organized group of guys on your hunting trips, count yourselves very lucky!


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Some of those pheasant hunting group nicknames can get kind of weird. If everybody had dogs I d say get leather collars with brass name plates . Or maybe you could start some sort of tradition and get a tag stamped with the outline of the state and the year or something like that.


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How about a cap that says: "[state you're hunting in]: Big Cock Country"? Used to see these here and there in KS. An out-of-state hunting guest of mine got a big hoot out of one I gave him.
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When I got married all those years ago, I gave my groomsmen matching swiss army knives with their initials engraved on the main blade. Almost thirty years later and several of those guys still have those knives and still use them.

For years our host for opening weekend in western KS was always advising us to "slow down" and "tighten up". It got to be a joke and developed into a call-and-response and we walked through a field. Then we embellished it a little and it became:

Person 1: "Slow down"
Person 2: "She said"
Person 3: "Tighten up"
Person 4: "He said"

We always wanted to put that on a t-shirt, but no one ever did.


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I like doing the same Bob, and just ordered some hand out gifts this morning. Drake Waterfowl has foot garters ($5) and neck gaiters ($6) on sale. The foot garters are great if you wear muck style boots, keeping your pants from bunching up inside the boot. I believe if you sign up at Drake, shipping over $75 is free.


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Items for the hunt that are always forgotten and nice to have spares- game shears, choke wrenches (engraving option), bore cleaning snake, solar charged battery bank for phone.

Matt D

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If feeling really generous I’m sure everything he would love matching guns. Maybe get a discount if buying 7 at once. 😂😂


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Maybe just cover their lodging expense. They WILL remember that. It could turn into a thing that each year someone else does it or it could just be your thing. Talk to the wives, sounds like something the hens would do with their groups. Something cheaper, maybe give them each a box of shells, maybe a MTM shell box, order custom decals off Etsy to personalize them.


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If you want to have a little fun with this, you might consider these seasonings I bought a couple of the gift packs and broke them out into individual units and gave a different one to each of my hunting buddies. They laughed their asses off. The interesting thing is they are excellent flavors and they all went and bought more. I made sure the appropriate spice label matched the personality of each guy. It was a big hit!! Doing it again this year for a different group.