20g s x s barrel length?


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I have my eye on a few 20g s x s. I've been primarily looking for 28in barrels, but have found quite a few w/ 26in. I haven't really shot a double barrel that short before. Anyone prefer 26 in? How would this work for pheasant, etc. I'm sure for preserve quail it would be great, but wondering about the longer shots. Any feedback appreciated. Thanks!


I tend to shoot longer barrels better on my 5 S x S's that I own....no scientific study, just what i have found...swing more smoothly...ideally, I would have 29" barrels...most of mine are 28, one of them is 27...I could see a ruffed grouse gun being ideal with 26" barrels...but out in the wide open, hunting sharptails, huns, pheasants....I like longer barrels...now that I think of it, I do have one with 29" barrels...my AYA #2 20 gauge...Cabela's info showed it at 28, but I was pleasantly surprised to learn it was 29"...I must say, my shortest barrel--an Uggie grade 3 16 gauge--has 27" barrels, and I shoot that gun really well...as well as any of my S x S's...


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Barrel length has been discussed here before and it all comes down to personal preference. I personally like shorter barrels. 26" on my 16 ga. Citori suits me just fine. Try shouldering several of various lengths, or better yet do some target shooting with them. Barrel length has little, if any, effect on the gun's effective range. Choke and type of shells will take care of that.
most important, I think, is getting a gun that fits you properly...the barrel length is secondary to that...I have found that a gun that is too light becomes a bit whippy for me, and I don't shoot as well with whippy guns...a few extra inches of barrel can smooth the swing out...at least for me.
look at the length that a lot of fine s x s's come with ...Merkel, Arrieta, AYA, Grulla, CSMC RBL, BSS...see what tends to sell fastest, what tends to command more $...doesn't mean everyone shoots a longer barrel better...but you will see some trends...


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Since I found it in 1970, my AYA Matador II has had 26inch barrels. Faster for me and improved cylinder and modified. For longer shots (ducks from a blind) I use a 12 with 28 inch full and modified.

Be safe, have fun.