2022/2023 PHEASANT Hunting Videos

Ky Setter man

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Just a word of caution. Laying your gun on the ground with shells still in it could be very dangerous.
I know becuse I did it once . Gun laying on ground , my dog retreived a bird and after he gives it to me he starts to go away and stepped on my trigger gaurd ,kmocking safety off and trigger to fire. I thought it blew his legs off. He jumped to the side and looked at me. I guess the barrel was between his legs.
My point is if you have to do it turn your gun over where safety is on underside of the gun so it doesnt happen to you. I feel very fortunate that he was ok and that there was no one else with us to have been harmed. Just a tip from an old guy thats been around and almost had it happen to him and his dog.


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Good stuff guys! Gets the blood flowing! Im headed out in 9 days and already bringing stuff up from the basement to the dining room. Wife not too happy but she gets it!