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  1. COWAN

    Shaking my head here...

    Ever wonder what is going thru the minds of the UDWR? They call this habitat management? Graze it to death. This used to produce a ton of pheasants....not anymore.
  2. COWAN

    Kansas and my sons first year hunting.

  3. COWAN

    my sons first year

    The smile says it all
  4. COWAN

    Unfriendly Kansas. What's happened here?

    I have hunted Kansas since 2010. I have never had an issue with getting on land or with locals at all. In fact I've never even seen any type of law enforcement until last year. This year a friend of mine was hunting around Colby and Brewster and their group had a terrible encounter with a dwr...
  5. COWAN

    Upland pheasant vest.

    does anyone know of any vests that don't have orange on them? I really like the Carhart upland vest, just don't like all the orange on them.
  6. COWAN

    Hard work pays off

    Roosters are getting tougher to find around here.
  7. COWAN

    Hard work pays off

    Roosters are getting tougher to find around here.
  8. COWAN

    Non orange Upland vest?

    Is there a company that makes an upland vest or jacket that doesn't have orange on it? I can't find one.
  9. COWAN


    It's quiet here...... did anyone hunt in Utah besides me?
  10. COWAN

    I've got a serious problem here. .....

    I have a wirehair female, 7 months old. During the Pheasant hunt she performed very well. Since the hunt has been over I've been working with her trying to keep her on birds but on now 4 occasions when it comes time to leave, she won't come to me. She will stay back about 30' and eventually...
  11. COWAN

    Good luck Kansans!

    A little shout from Utah here. Good luck and be safe on your opening weekend! Can't wait to hear from everyone.
  12. COWAN

    My time of year

    Well what a great opening weekend. 5 month old pup did very well, good points and limits every day thus far. My Kansas trip looks like it's not going to happen so I guess I'll have to settle with Utah birds for two weeks.
  13. COWAN

    what happened?

    Mods will you please pm me I have a question for any mod that will answer! Thanks, Joel
  14. COWAN


    Hows the weather, any snow? I'm thinking of heading back out in about 8 days for pheasants. Just wondering about if the roads are torn up or if they are fairly dry. This winter in Utah has been very dry. I'm wondering if Kansas has been the same. Any info helps.
  15. COWAN

    Beeper collars

    Are they worth it? Do they scare off birds? The only interest I have in them is I would be able to locate my Wirehair in thick cover and also not call him off of a point. I don't use a e-collar at all now and don't really want to, so I thought maybe a beeper collar or maybe a Garmin Astro...
  16. COWAN

    First time Bobwhites

    Took a friend out to Kansas hunting pheasant, ended up on an old homestead and found a small covey of Bobwhite quail! I took only 2 from the covey due to its small size, but what a complete thrill to be able to harvest such an interesting and beautiful bird. I have harvested California Valley...
  17. COWAN

    wow...... crickets!

    It's pretty quiet here on the Utah board! Probably due to not many birds here in the Beehive state. The Utah DWR has been planting pheasants and I think its great, but I still chase wild birds. There are a few around, you just have to work a lot harder for them.
  18. COWAN

    The F.N.G

    Hi, I'm the friggin new guy here. I call Central Utah home and I love Pheasant hunting. A lot. I have ran Labrador retrievers for18 years and now am the proud owner of my first Wirehair pointer. What a different world. I've had German shorthairs before but this Wirehair is an absolute athlete...
  19. COWAN

    looking for another shotgun

    Hello fellow Pheasant adicts! I'm looking for a Browning Bss. If you have one, or know of anyone who has one for sale, let me know.