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    Types of cover

    Splitting hairs a little, but it's actually 220 yds. 1/8 mile. Pass a driveway going 30 mph, count 15 seconds...good to go.
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    That's not very nice. :ROFLMAO::ROFLMAO::ROFLMAO: But it's funny, so that makes it ok. GH clearly understands the fact that if you don't pull the trigger, you don't shoot birds. His videos are awesome. I think mostly because his hunting style very closely matches my own. obnoxious...
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    Trail cam pics from corn feeding station

    Those are so great!! Even though many are similar, they're all fun to look at. Love the one of (what appears to be) the red-bellied woodpecker flying onto the scene. Thanks so much for sharing!!
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    One stat that would be interesting to see

    Just curious....back in WHAT day?? Over the last 73 years, SD has averaged 1,314,000/yr. 1,454,000/yr over the last 20 years. These numbers do NOT include birds released/shot on preserves.
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    Types of cover

    Mike, check your private messages/conversations.
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    Types of cover

    I'd say maybe the northeastern part of the state?? If only because of the unbelievable number of spots available (either public or w/ public access). With or without a dog, a solo hunter would be best served by a relatively small, irregularly shaped piece of cover. Something with some...
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    One stat that would be interesting to see

    You wanting estimated harvest of actual genetically WILD pheasants?? I can only think of a handful of other states where that number would be large enough to be considered significant (to me anyway).
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    They're good. Looking forward to the thrills of nesting season & planning new evasive moves for the goofballs wearing orange in October.
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    I haven't used it, but I've watched quite a few Shotkam videos made by different people. Some are good. Some not so good. Most of them seem (to me) as though the Shotkam wasn't aimed exactly right. Or the timing is a hair off. Or something. Consequently, I have my doubts whether it aids...
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    Treat pouch

    Understood. I too confess that I'm not always 100% serious. I don't usually (or ever, actually) drag pheasant scented treats through the weeds. But if I did, I'd tie it to a rear belt loop & run like mad. There are several people on here that I'd like to video doing it.
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    Treat pouch

    Jon, as far as the bag....absolutely! The rest is my own concoction.
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    Treat pouch

    ...I run a clear, quart size, zip-type plastic bag (sometimes even fancy Ziploc brand), conveniently nestled in the pocket of my 1987 Mount'n Prairie camo vest. Sometimes I even dump treats straight in the vest pocket & hope they pick up a little natural bird scent (Ace says store-bought scents...
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    The ones I talked to said they'd been a little cold recently, but holding their own just fine. Plenty of cover. Not too much horrendous wind & blowing snow to contend with. Not so much snow (especially the hard, crusty type) that feeding has been difficult. No freezing drizzle. And they're...
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    The Flush

    Mallard Island can count on more visitors now. Thank The Flush for that. They couldn't have just said they were hunting an island on a Missouri River reservoir??
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    New initiative by PF

    1. No idea, but I hope it's to assist forming State/landowner agreements to improve habitat & make it publicly accessible. 2. Assuming #1 happens....a hot load of 5's.
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    New Member

    Any hunting that fits your budget is worth it. Here's a link to the online public hunting atlas. You can also get it in pdf or paper form. In my part of the state (southeastern), WIA, CREP & WPA are...
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    Pheasant Scent

    Save your $9 to $24 or so. Dogs don't need scent applied to anything in order to smell it, especially a wing. And you don't need to teach a 1/2 way well bred hunting dog what a bird smells like. They just know. Just play with the puppy & have fun for now. The guys that really train to high...
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    One thing you learned

    I'd known this, but this season it was particularly prevalent/clarified...... Roosters, particularly 2nd year birds, like to hang out in wet cattails during warm afternoons. Muddy or even a little standing water. I think their logic is: 1) obviously, easy access to water, 2) cool, 3) plenty of...
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    Thawing out a pheasant

    Disarticulated?!?! 😲😲😲🥴🧚‍♀️ (crops also tend to break more easily when allowed to hang/age)
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    Season Wrap Up

    Kismet...I know what you mean. I've got lots of pictures of my previous dogs Walt & Buzz. They're kept handy & I like to look through them regularly. Certain days I have to put them away after only 1 or 2 pictures. They are missed greatly. But apparently, the joy Ace brings to our house (&...