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    2 Large Ruff Tough Kennels

    I have 2 Ruff Tough Kennels for sale in like new condition. $500 for the pair. Send a PM if interested.
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    Browning BPS 12 Gauge 26 inch Barrel 3 inch Chamber Mossy Oak Dura Touch Finish

    Browning BPS 12 Gauge 26 inch Barrel 3 inch Chamber Mossy Oak Dura Touch Finish. Excellent condition. I bought it new several years back and never hardly used it. Maybe been on 3 or 4 duck hunts and taken turkey hunting a time or 2. Looks like new. Will come with 3 choke tubes and original...
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    Winnebago and Kossuth County Public Hunting

    How is the public hunting in Winnebago and Kossuth Counties? Going to be up there for a 4 days the second week of December. How hard is it to get permission on private land?
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    Benelli Montefeltro 20 Gauge 26 Inch Barrel

    Benelli Montefeltro 20 Gauge 26 inch barrel in perfect condition. Not a mark on it anywhere. I bought it new last September. Comes in the original box with all the choke tubes. $900 plus shipping to your FFL dealer. I can text additional pics if needed.
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    Browning Auto 5 20 Gauge

    Cleaned up the old 1965 Belgium Browning 20 gauge today. It was my granddads. It has just been collecting dust since 1998. Going to get a case of some golden pheasant and bring it back to life this season. She is light and no vent rib. Should be fun.
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    Dogtra Arc with 2 Collars

    I have a Dogtra Arc with 2 collars that I bought new in 2015. Excellent condition. Still have the original package that everything came in. You can text 620-875-9813 for more info. $175 shipped.
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    Kansas: Houndsman Deluxe Dog Box

    I bought it new 3 years ago and it still looks excellent. It has the tall doors and extra D-rings. I will post pics later. $400 in central Kansas. Please call 620-875-9813
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    Well That Was a Brutal Hail Storm

    Tennis ball size hail. Broke out all the windows on the west side of the house, siding is gone on that side, lots of damage. Not good.
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    (KS) K9 Kondo Dog Den 2

    I have 2 of the Dog Den 2's that I just bought a couple of weeks ago. Just don't seem to be working for my dogs. I can text pictures but they are brand new. Please contact for more info 620-875-9813
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    Cz 712 g2

    Anyone hunting with one of these?
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    Houndsman Deluxe Dog Box

    I bought it this year and have used it a couple of times. It has the tall doors. I will post pics later. $450 in southeast Kansas. Can call 620-875-9813
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    Ness and Rush County Roads

    How are the roads in Ness and Rush Counties? Did they get much moisture?
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    Diamond Plate Dog Box

    Anywhere in Kansas I can buy a new or used diamond plate 2 hole dog box? Would even go into Missouri or Oklahoma.
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    New Hunting Partner

    Got me a new hunting partner this weekend. A black female puppy from Blackjack Kennels. If you ever are in need of a new lab puppy, you should consider getting one from Blackjack Kennels. Very impressive they way they structure their breeding program. And you will not buy from someone...
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    Public Meetings
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    Yellow Female Labrador Puppy

    8 wks old. Crate training very easily, loves to retrieve, intro to birds, and very nice looking. Sire is an excellent bred hunting dog. Mostly all FC's and Hunt test titled dogs. Dam is a kellogg bred dog. Puppy has shown a few instances that she might point. Should be a very nice looking...
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    We are getting lightening and 60 mph wind as I post. Chance of severe weather. Weird for December. Hope it doesn't hail.
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    Not Many Hunters Left

    I have not seen any hunters up here in the last week. We hunted Friday, Saturday, Sunday, Tuesday, and Today. Birds are spotty right now. My son and I are averaging 3 roosters and 2 quail per day between us. We could probably do better but many of our good spots are not accessible do to the...
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    Good Hunting Weekend

    Pretty good hunting this weekend. My son and I shot 9 pheasants and 5 quail. We could have been greedy and shot a few more of both but just let the dog flush instead.
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    4 Inches of Snow

    Got 4 inches of snow today in Decatur county. Cold tonite. Supposed to get down to 16.