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    just my luck

    Leaving for a week in ND in a few days and come home from work to a limping dog. Six years and never a limp.......... had to vent:)
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    MN limit

    ]Got out for a couple of days . Limit on Wed. ,One on Thu. Seen a fair amount of birds but not many roosters.Dog work was good. A cut on the nose was a bloody mess though.
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    close call

    Got out for the first time this year, Springer was crossing in front of me and turns on a dime but just stops and starts wagging tail.Since he has a strong flush I'm wondering whats up so I get right behind him and he is face to face with a big skunk, I didn't want to reach in to grab his collar...
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    snow birds

    Went after the roosters today.The wind was really blowing, but the temps were ok. Seen a fair amount of birds and Pete worked ok.On two of them I just clipped a wing, so he had to burrow after them. They were buried in the catails today.
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    Good hunt

    Had a good day Th. blue sky ,light breeze, 45 deg. and a happy springer
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    dog troubles

    Just got back from a hunting trip ,next day my springer was drooling and has a fair sized lump under his chin.Looked it up on the web and it sounds like sialocele or a blockage of a salivary gland. Says that a grass seed getting in there could be one cause. Has anyone else had to deal with this...