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    Types of cover

    NE part of the state does have a number of smaller CREP pieces that you may be able to push birds to the edges or end of cover. As mentioned walk slow, stop, zig zag and even circle around a good patch of cover. Also without a dog park and walk a minimum maintenance road ditch up one side and...
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    Vehicle Purchase

    I started with a Tahoe and then went to a suburban and a couple of Yukon XL as my kids were growing, bringing friends, hauling their ball gear and such. Taking dogs and gear in the back of the big SUV worked great. Only downside was there is a lot to clean on the inside of an SUV after a hunting...
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    Season Wrap Up

    Great season with strong dog work from Ace. Nice to be reminded a guy and his dog with some effort and experience can be successful on wild birds throughout the season on public ground in SD.
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    South Dakota first time, last minute, glad I did it

    Sounds like a great trip and worth the gas. Nice pics.
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    Pants pocket that zips closed. If hunting with someone I give them the spare set so they can get back in the truck if I am still wandering around the field.
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    Rate your 2020 season

    Central MN hunting this fall had a couple very good days on private ground and public ground always seemed to have more hunters than I remember in past seasons. I was always able to find birds, not always able to do my part and connect, but had fun watching the dogs work. 2 trips to SD were...
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    if you had $2500

    I have been very happy with my 828U.
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    Last Trip of 2020 produced a Unique Bird

    Amazing bird and impressed you could make the shot and not be distracted by the white tail. Fairly certain I would have been looking at the tail and shot behind him.
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    One of my most memorable hunts...

    Great story and memories of Buzz. All the great shots one makes often get overshadowed by those easy misses.
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    Noisy Roosters!!!

    The boys just had the rooster band back together for the day Nov 28th.
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    Surprised a bear

    Forgot about badgers, encountered one in SD several years ago in a road ditch. Pushed a CRP field and got to the fence and my dog wanted through the fence. I assumed we had pushed a rooster and waited for a flush after the dog went through the fence. Dog started jumping around in the grass and...
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    Surprised a bear

    I have hunted pheasants for almost 40 years and have chased up many different animals other than the intended pheasants. Not a surprise to chase out deer, turkeys, coyotes, skunks, raccoons, jackrabbit, but today in central MN came across a black bear. My hunting buddy was within 15 feet of the...
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    Hunter numbers

    Agree that I have seen more hunters out the past two weekends than I had expected. Great to see hunters with dogs in the fields and has forced me to explore some new places.
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    Thanksgiving weekend report

    Great pics and report, thanks for posting. Some cold weather to freeze up the sloughs would be welcome prior to adding snow. Last year the deep snow kept them from freezing.
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    Hunting soggy cattails

    I have dry socks and 1-2 pairs of extra boots in the truck for this scenario. Have shot many pheasants that the dogs were sloshing and I was ankle to boot top deep in water. They definitely seem to hold better than the dry cattails where birds can run circles around you.
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    SD Pheasant Hunting Videos

    Thanks for sharing, I enjoyed your video.
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    Ace Up My Sleeve

    A5 your comment is so true, without a good dog success goes down exponentially on those roosters that just don’t seem to die.
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    Huge Day for Ace!!!

    Great seeing Ace having success and getting the final portion of this hunting thing figured out. Find em, flush em, and now retrieve em. I was in your hometown this weekend taking care of some family projects before winter returns so my 2 labs were disappointed that we didn’t get to hunt such a...
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    Hunting in three states in one day! Can I do it?

    That sounds like a great day even just getting some hunting in 3 states in a day would be something. I have done ND and SD on the same day before, but ND can start early morning.
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    Well ... SW MN is a little depressing

    we always expect to hunt those type conditions on late season hunts, not your typical Oct pheasant hunt.