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    Training lab pup

    What drills can I do for come on command ?
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    Hunting Redfield area

    A group of hunters I know hunted the Redfield area. Actually two groups. They did very well with many limits. The consensus was hunting milo strips proved to be killer.
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    Hunted Redfield area

    Just got back from hunting the Redfield area. Bird numbers aere good west and north. East and South not so. Many I talked to did well on public ground this year.
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    Redfield and Rockham area

    Just wondering if anyone knows how the birds faired in the Redfield -Rockham area? Also there is a guy who hunts that area and is from Ohio or Michigan I believe If you see this post send me a message. I will be hunting there 12-17 of Nov.
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    Just returned from South Dakota

    Just got back from the Redfield area in South Dakota. There was only two of us this year. It made the hunting a little more difficult but we managed our limit each day. Birds either went way out a head of us or held extremely tight. There were a lot of birds though and the weather was...
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    Lab pups

    I have 1 yellow male and 1 black female for sale. I own both parents and they are AKC. Excellent breeding, the sires hips and elbows are OFA good and the prelims on female are good. I will have her OFA certified in June. Price is $300.00 more info you can call 419-934-5795 Ohio or e-mail...
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    Rockham South Dakota

    Just got back with the total of 55 pheasants, 13 jackrabbits and 1 mink. Pic of Chris with the dogs after the first mornings kill.
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    House for sale

    House for sale in downtown Eureka South Dakota cheap. Perfect for hunters or base camp for pheasant and duck hunting. The owners will be their the next two weeks hunting. They are entertaining any and all offers. Any questions can be sent to me here or e-mail
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    Looking for house to rent in Redfield area

    Looking for house to rent in the redfield area the week before Thanksgiving to base a pheasant out of for the week.
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    Another PC transfer

    Can't access the PC board so here I am and glad to be here. I'm from Ohio and have two Labs one chocolate male (GUS) 4 yrs old and a pointing Lab. Gertie I just got out of Minnesota is 7 months old and a yellow female. Plus I raise beagles.