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    Crosby / Divide County

    Does anybody know if the Crosby area has good pheasant hunting ? I was planning a trip up in that area and wanted to see if I should bring my shotgun and do some walking around for a rooster or two.
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    New to AZ

    Hello all. I have moved to the Tucson, AZ area from Wisconsin. I have been a avid pheasant hunter my whole life hunting mainly in Iowa and North Dakota. I have an awesome pheasant hunting lab who is 4 1/2 yr old and would love nothing more to get her on some birds. I am open to any suggestions...
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    Arthur or Tappen area?

    Hey folks, heading out to ND today for a couple weeks. Anybody have good reports where roosters are especially after the recent snow? I'm guessing thick cat tails would be a good place to start. Any help for Tappen, Dawson or Arthur areas?
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    On the road to North Dakota

    On my way as I post this to Dawson and tappen. Anyone have any latest reports on pheasant success?
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    Info on December hunts?

    Has anybody been out hunting late November in the Medina or Jamestown area? I hunted middle of November out there and did ok, but messing with the idea of planning hunt next year in early December.
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    Status report in Iowa

    I hunted Iowa quite a bit in the 90's. I used to hunt in the Grinnell and Brooklyn area. I now do all my pheasant hunting in ND because I over the years hunting land became harder to find and CPR programs running out. I am just curious, has it gotten any better of the years? My best luck I...
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    Reports ND hunts

    Anybody know if the crop is coming down in the Medina area or Tappen, ND? I will be going out there Nov 12th. Wondering if anybody has been seeing good numbers on roosters?