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  1. Matt D

    Tri tronics 2 dog system

    Have a Flyway G3 with two EXP collars. All hold charge great and can get multiple days use out of all of them between charges. Comes with 3 charging bases for the collars and one for the transmitter. One of the collars has the Tracer add on which to be honest I have never used. Will come in a...
  2. Matt D


    Just traveling back from SD. Been reflecting on the trip and already counting down the days to next year. Hunted north central part of the state and almost 100 percent of the corn is still standing and maybe half the flowers. The birds are using both a lot as has already been talked about. It...
  3. Matt D

    Great day

    Sitting here watching the sun rise on a nice crisp 45 degree Saturday morning. I’ve written many times in the past about the youth hunt put on at one of the local hunt clubs. Getting ready to head that direction for another year of introducing youths to pheasant hunting. Funny how I hadn’t...
  4. Matt D

    6 month old female field bred ESS

    Posting this to help a friend out. This female was owned by the same guy that originally had my new dog. He is not doing well battling cancer and the breeder took both dogs back to sell for the family. I bought the male and he still has the female if anyone is looking for a pup. She is dark...
  5. Matt D

    New addition to the family - Bailey

    As many of you know I had to put Copper down while we were in SD this year. Had no plans to add a second dog right away as Boucher is just 4.5 years old. Sometimes though things just seem to happen. Buddy of mine got a text from the breeder that his dog came from and he had a couple older pups...
  6. Matt D

    Good bye Copper

    Every dog owner knows eventually that day will come when it is time to make that final trip to the vet. Yesterday was that day for me and Copper. I have posted a lot of pics of him over his 14+ year life of chasing birds in 3 different states. Yesterday we had a banner morning dropping 6 birds...
  7. Matt D

    My Daughters Deer

    Our extra weekend gun season was last weekend. Have had two shooters we have been chasing this year and after an encounter with the other one Saturday night where we ran out of light while my niece was huntin with me this one showed up Sunday evening and my daughter made a nice shot on it. She...
  8. Matt D

    Opening Day 2017

    Missed this morning for the first time in many years. Made it out this afternoon. Texted a buddy on the way and he beat me there with one in the bag already. Just as I got out of the truck got another text from him that he had a cripple at the other end of the field he couldnt find. Drove down...
  9. Matt D

    Looking for private land north central SD

    Reauest deleted. We are good to go. Mods - feel free to delete. Thanks Matt
  10. Matt D

    Wanted - started Lab

    I have a buddy looking for a started lab. Any leads would be appreciated. Thanks Matt
  11. Matt D

    Rogers steel shoot deal

    Maybe there is a better place than Rogers for pricing but I couldn't find it. A case of 3" 1 1/4 oz steel loads for $169.99 shipped and from 11/20 to 11/30 Remington has double rebate on those for $100 per case so $7 a box for 3" steel shot seems tough to beat. Have to have rebate post marked...
  12. Matt D

    Steel shot size preference?

    Have never had to use steel for pheasant before. Can the experienced steel shooters tell me what size you prefer and also is 3" the way to go for this? I look forward to seeing what the opinions are on this. Thanks!
  13. Matt D

    Youth season

    Got to take two youths hunting today. First was a young fellow that has been shooting some clay birds with us lately and is a darn good shot. Two birds flushed, two shots and he had his limit in his bag. Next was my niece. She shot clay pigeons for the first time 2 weeks ago and did excellent...
  14. Matt D

    One of the best days of the year

    Sitting here finishing off the first coffee of the day as I prepare to head to the preserve for what is usually one of my more rewarding days of the year. One of the pheasant preserves in conjunction with PF does a youth hunt each year. I have helped many times over the years and Copper has...
  15. Matt D

    Help - Tri Tronics transmitter

    Lost my transmitter last week while in the field. Been trying to locate one with no luck. The new Garmins are not interchangeable with the older units. Any help locating either just a transmitter or transmitter and collar would be greatly appreciated. Mine is Classic 70 G3 EXP. Have tried collar...
  16. Matt D

    Beretta Upland Vests

    I have two brand new with tags still on them beretta vests for sale. The Beretta sizing tends to run small on most items so I bought these in 2XL but the sizing on these items run pretty much dead on and these are a little too big for me. Great looking vests and the Beretta quality is...
  17. Matt D

    Day 1 in Kimball

    Got to town late morning. Rest of the group made it in and after a good lunch out to the fields we go. Just never gets old seeing the pure number of birds that are here in SD. You guys have it so great. Some day I will spend few weeks out here chasing birds. Until then these short trips will...
  18. Matt D

    Opener Friday

    Been pretty dead here in the OH forum. Who all is heading out Friday? I will be with a couple of buddies at Killdeer like we have done for the last few years. Some years we do great some we don't. Just the way it goes. Good luck to all that get out. Matt
  19. Matt D

    Franklin county SGL 235

    Curious if any of you guys have spent time in this area? Not looking for specifics of hotspots or anything like that but curious if it is worth spending time poking around there if I happen to come that way. It is the closest SGL to where I will be for work. Thanks in advance for any info you...
  20. Matt D

    Favorite day of the year

    At the hunt club today for the youth pheasant hunt. Seems like I can usually only make this event about every other year. Just about to hit the field for the second run of the day. First run the "old man" did pretty good. Put up 6 and they killed 2. Had good shots at 5 of them but a good time...