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    Headed to Kansas

    If you want to find both quail and pheasants in decent numbers you will need to be another hr or so west of Salina. Plenty of quail around there, but wiha and other public lands are limited in that area. Don’t be scared to knock on doors, worst they can say is no!!
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    Wyoming 2020

    Last year I crossed the prairie chicken off my bucket list. This year I am after the elusive sage grouse. I was wondering if there are areas that hold sage grouse and Huns as well, or if I need to hunt two totally different parts of the state to expect to have success. I plant to hunt 3 or 4...
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    Mott Area

    Heading out to North Dakota for the first time this year. Going to try mid September for sharpies and Huns. Staying in Elgin. Can’t wait to get out and see some new country.
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    Southwest Nebraska

    Headed to southwestern Nebraska tomorrow, this will be my first trip.Will be hunting some private, some public. Couple questions, are sandburrs an issue there?? Good restaurant around Mccook? Hope everyone is having a wonderful season.
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    Opening week in Montana

    Hunted pheasants, Huns, and Sharptails in Montana last week. Found all bird numbers to be fantastic.
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    Greetings from Ky.

    Newbie here from central Ky. I have three setters and two labs that all love to hunt. Really enjoy everyones posts from different regions. Here are a few pics from some hunts last year.