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  1. Phil V.

    I'm back

    Been a long time since I have been on here. Had a lot going on this last year. Started out with my mom breaking her hip a year ago this month when she was 93 and wound up having to put her in the nursing home because she kept getting a urinary tract infection. With the medicine that they were...
  2. Phil V.


    Don't know how many of you follow ebay. But I seen a school building and 4 houses for 1 price in Burr Oak, KS.. They are asking $250,000.00 for everything. They have pics and contact info for everything. I would post a link if could find one for it. I'll do some digging to see if I can find it.
  3. Phil V.

    GSP Food Problem?

    My gsp is 5yrs. old now and I've had her since she was weaned. She has been around the rat terrier that I have since then too. The problem is the okder she gets the more protective she gets of her food. They have separate food dishes and are more than 10' apart. Whenever the terrier gets within...
  4. Phil V.

    Ruger American Rifle

    I was on Ruger's site and seen they added 22 rifles to the American line.
  5. Phil V.

    Happy Turkey Day

    Happy Turkey Day everyone. Watch out for the idiot drivers today. Stay safe and have fun.
  6. Phil V.

    Red Label

    Was on Ruger's website and seen they are bringing the Red Label shotgun back. They did not have a price on it that I could see yet. Thought I'd pass it on.
  7. Phil V.


    I know some of you go on hunting trips that require them. My question is which one would be a good one to buy that you can attach a rifle to. I'm going to be buying it as a Christmas present for a friend that plans on elk hunting next year. He is 6'2" tall and 280lbs.. I would like to get a...
  8. Phil V.

    Old bear I thought this was interesting post it here.
  9. Phil V.

    Uberti Revlovers

    Anybody have any experience with them? I'm trying to save some money to buy their horseman model in .45lc.
  10. Phil V.

    Ultimate Coyote Hunting

    When I click on the forum it redirects me to UPH. What should I do to get onto that sites forum?
  11. Phil V.

    Ruger Seen this on the Ruger website and another forum and thought I'd post it here if no one has seen or heard of it yet.
  12. Phil V.

    Ugly Dog Hunting

    Has anybody done business with this company. I received their catalog a couple of days ago and wondered if anybody heard of them.They also have a website.
  13. Phil V.

    Father's day

    Happy father's day to all you guys. Have a good one.
  14. Phil V.

    Cooling vest for dogs

    I seen this on the news tonight and thought I'd pass it on to see what you guys thought about it. Look on the left side of the page and you'll see the products for dogs.
  15. Phil V.


    I don't know if anybody else has gotten one but it looks like another spammer is around. For me it came through the thread on knives in the guns & ammo.
  16. Phil V.

    Gun auction They have a huge gun auction coming up in march. The heading says there's over 500 guns to be auctioned off.
  17. Phil V.

    Hunting rigs( A what if)

    I was thinking about hunting rigs and thought about a what if popped in. What if someone came up to you and said they would buy you a brand new cab and chassis and put a camper on it and told you to outfit it with everything for a hunting trip. I'm talking about it being empty and you build the...
  18. Phil V.

    Interesting website

    I found this website and thought it was interesting and useful.
  19. Phil V.

    Brock retires

    Just read that Brock Lesnar is retiring after losing his match to Overeem in the first round.
  20. Phil V.

    Pointer question

    Has anyone been around a Braque Du Bourbonais pointer? I've been looking and thinking about getting one to go with my gsp.I was wondering if they worked close like the gsp or a wide ranging type of dog.I found a breeder up in Mich. that I'm planning on talking to.Just wanting your thoughts about...