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  1. FCSpringer

    Ones loss is anothers gain.

    Ok folks. I never BS when it comes to dogs. I have a litter of 12 here that is a repeat breeding of Hardy and Maddie. A perfect line breeding that worked awesome the first time. There is 6 good looking, very nice liver boys. The family who had 1st pick of those boys can not take a pup now due...
  2. FCSpringer

    2018 National Open Champion sired ESS pups

    2018 National Open Champion sired pups due the end of June. NFC FC AFC Crosswinds Comic Relief "Riot" x Blue River's Makin Waves "Splash" The pedigree speaks volumes of whats in the oven. We have a few reservations available. Please send a PM if interested. They will all be liver and white. We...
  3. FCSpringer

    Ya get out what ya put in....

    Training video of my field bred english springer spaniel, at
  4. FCSpringer

    Field Bred Spaniel Pups.

    Blue Rivers Drivin' A Hard Bargain "Hardy" x Sunrise At Willowbrook. "Willow" Pups Due June 3rd 2019...
  5. FCSpringer

    NEW Caesar Geurini Summit Sporting 12 Ga, NEW SAKO 85 Grey Wolf, Rock River ATH 223

    I am selling a new Caesar Geurini Summit Sporting. It has some of the most beautiful wood you will find, and don't have to pay for the "wood upgrade" rip off of 1,000$.... The gun is new, I have not used it. I bought it in 2017 because my shooter needed stock repair. I was shooting field...
  6. FCSpringer

    Congrats Cockerfan

    I don't know if he has been on here in awhile. Kinda guilty of that myself too LOL. But One of our long time UPH folks has had some memorable, and tremendous sucess in AKC Cocker field trials. He came here with a dog named Rocky. Started some interest in a hunt test or two I believe. Anyway...
  7. FCSpringer

    Field Bred Spaniel Pup.

    1 Male Pup available from a litter born November 16th. Sia and Hardy litter. She is from my field champion FC Blue River I'm Dans Boy National Open Certificate of Merit. His sire, grand sire, great grand sire, and great great grandsire all won a national. Many other notables and hall of fame...
  8. FCSpringer

    Broods spotted.

    Well after a gloomy last 2 seasons, things are looking up in MN I think. Maybe not as much down south with all the flooding. But in Wst central I have seen a fair number of nice broods. Last night doing some spot spraying I saw 2 broods at home. 4-5 weeks old I would say. They looked good.
  9. FCSpringer

    Bird finding ESS pups.

    A litter of 10! :). I have a nice male pup available from a new litter of mine. Hardy's boy. Same breeding as my young gal in the video below. FC Odie, AFC River, Hardy, and a whole bunch of wow factor dogs in this pedigree.
  10. FCSpringer

    Pups due May 5th

    I will have a litter due May 5th. Blue River's Be The Reason x Blue River's Driven' A Hard Bargain. THREE MALE RESERVATIONS AVAILABLE Smiles is a nicely built leggy bird finder out of my FC Odie and Loren of FC CFC AFC Hellfire's Fast Track. Hardy is my boy out of My AFC River. And also...
  11. FCSpringer

    Daddy Likes!

    Well, I just could not resist the bait of a new Caesar Guerini with a great price and sweet looking wood. My new pet is on it's way to it's new home. Can't wait to run some smoke through the barrels. :thumbsup:
  12. FCSpringer

    Benelli SBE barrel wanted.

    Anyone have an extra barrel for a benelli SBE 1 you can part with? I bought one with a slug barrel, and would like to find a field barrel. 12 ga.
  13. FCSpringer

    Show Us Your Deer Photos.

    There was a thread with some nice deer pics, but it seems to have become hidden. And some old photos were lost. I am not sure I posted my buck from a couple years back. Never went this year or last. Not the biggest, but a decent MN shooter for land with a guy by every bush LOL. The photo ink...
  14. FCSpringer

    Steal on a New Rizzini 12GA Vertex Sporting!!!!!

    Well, I just bought this gun, but my dog needs surgery, and I need him more than the gun. I am selling my new Rizzini 12 GA Vertex Sporting.1st $1600 cash gets it. I just got it on sale for 1800. You will never get a better deal. Also, I called, and received photos from every Sportsman...
  15. FCSpringer

    ESS pups from championship lines.

    Due to an over sized litter with 6 females, we have 2 girls available. Born August 1st. Info at
  16. FCSpringer

    ESS Pups due in August

    Pups from field champion lines due in August. One gal bred to my rocket Hardy, and My gal Dreams as well bred to a national BDC winner. Liver and white, black and white, and Dreams will have tri color. More info at:
  17. FCSpringer

    Got a fire extinguisher?

    If you would happen to be looking for a fire cracker of a ESS, there is a couple nice bird finding females bred to my boy Hardy. Hardy is out of my AFC Blue River's Fast Track, And 1 female is out of AFC Harvest Moon's Cookie. A daughter to his national champion. They line up nice on one side...
  18. FCSpringer

    FC Odie x FC Bella pups

    1 male reservation available for this litter out of two field champions. If you want a hard charging bird finder, and a blue collar work horse, this is it. Both dogs flat out hunt, and put meat in the freezer. Pups are all liver color, and due April 15th.
  19. FCSpringer

    Cockers are coming...

    Anyone in the TN area, the first ever Hall Of Fame field bred English Cocker trial will be in a week and a couple days. I was honored to be selected one of the 2 judges for this historic event. I will get to see the bird dog hall of fame.:thumbsup: Good times.
  20. FCSpringer

    SAKO 85 Grey Wolf .308

    I am selling my Sako Grey wolf .308, new in the box. I mounted a scope on it, a new Vortex, but I will keep that for another gun. I just never shot it. Factory did the 3/4" group and have the target in the box I believe. I wish to go to the carbonlight. Sako is one fine bolt. Has the 5 round...