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    Overthinking, need help getting the GF a her first shotgun

    For her birthday I want to get her her own shotgun, she's 5'-4" 130# and my full size SX3 is big on her. The recoil is not an issue, she's shot 100 rounds of clays back to back days with no complaining and 3" turkey rounds(she's law enforcement so guns aren't new to her). However we went on her...
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    No recipe forum?

    Thought it was odd there wasn't a "Recipes" forum in here, maybe there is a long sticky or something that I missed? I just picked up pheasant hunting this year and been cleaning them whole but I'd be interested in hearing peoples recipes... Roasting whole, halving, taking out the breasts, on...
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    New here - Cold Weather Hunting Question

    Hey guys! New here and a newbie to pheasant hunting! I'll give a brief intro on me but the question I'm asking is in the second and third paragraph... My pup, Boomer, is a lab and the intent was to run him in AKC hunt tests, well he ended up tearing his ACL on his 1st birthday then his other 7...