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    Gladiator rooster?

    Hunting a favorite public marsh and the dog was working a scent back towards me so I stopped and he locked up about 15ft in front of me. When I looked down, a scraggly rooster burst from my feet and flew a very tight loop around me. I waited as long as I could so my modified choke would have...
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    A thought on quail in eastern Iowa

    As a 30 year old guy who has hunted pheasants since I could follow my father's boot tracks in the snow I am amazed at the resurgence of quail. I grew up in NW Scott county and hunted primarily private ground in the surrounding counties. I never encountered wild quail on any private or public...
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    Muck boots... seemed like a great idea

    Last night I picked up a pair of muck wetland boots because I was tired of wet feet. Both my danners and redwings are no longer water proof and I thought a pair of rubber boots would fill a need for me in the wetter areas I pheasant hunt. I was wrong, within the first hour both boots were full...
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    Eerie pheasant hunt occurrence in Iowa

    This past Saturday was shotgun opener for deer here in Iowa, so public ground can turn into a bit of mess as I'm sure most of you know. I decided to check a large public area (Lost Grove Lake) near Davenport to see if any of the areas were free of deer hunters and I was lucky to get a large...
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    Anyone else's dog point roosters vs hens differently?

    I've noticed my vizsla locks up tight on roosters but he seems a bit playful when tracking and pointing hens with a little extra wiggle In his tail. I think it is because he was raised around laying hens that he would pin down and lick into submission to the point that they would just crouch...
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    The Amphibious Rooster

    Yesterday was the final hunt of the season for me and there was a unique finish to say the least. I was hunting a roadside ditch/creek that always has birds but they are very skittish and I basically have to start the hunt exactly where they are roosting or they flush whenever I get within...