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    For Sale - Dogtra Pathfinder Mini

    Hey all, well, I got myself a Pro 550 Plus, so I have up for sale in excellent condition a Dogtra Pathfinder mini. This has been a great little unit, easy to use and has performed without flaw. No issues or problems with the unit. Here's what you get: 1) Factory Box and Case (not shown) 2)...
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    WTB- Garmin Pro 550 Plus

    Hey all, just was wondering if anyone has a used Garmin Pro 550 Plus and/or TT-15 Collar they want to get rid of/ Needs to be in good working order (both correction and GPS) with no technical issues. Let me know if you have one. Thanks so much! Greg
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    FOR SALE - Orvis Waxed Cotton Strap Vest

    Hey all, I have up for sale in good shape, a used, but not abused Orvis Waxed Cotton Upland vest. Size M/L. No issues or problems with the vest, except for a small tear on the mesh back (see pic). Nothing broken, everything works as it should Details on the vest can be found here...
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    Last Day!

    Hey all, well today ended our season. It was a good one, not great, but darn better than the last two. Yesterday was kind of a bust, didn't bust a cap and saw fewer than the last few times out. Friday was really good, two limits in two hours. Today my son Jim and I went out, we could have...
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    Raina's Special Day!

    Hey all, well today my Raina girl turned 8 years old! So for her present, we took her hunting! She did really well today, very nice stanch points and great field work. So good in fact, y son Will was able to limit out in about 45 minutes. This is the first time he's done that since he went...
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    Merry Christmas!!!

    A Very Merry Christmas from my family to yours! God bless all here. Greg
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    FOR SALE - Cuga Dog Vest

    Hi all, I have a Cuga Dog Vest up for sale, Size Small. Just doesn't fit my dogs. It's never been worn except to size it. It's brand spanking new. Asking $65 shipped to your door. They retail for $75 and that doesn't include shipping. Let me know if your interested. PM or email me...
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    Todays Hunt - 2020 Season

    Hey, rather than having separate threads for our hunts, why don't we have just one that everyone can post for this season. Might save some time. So let's see those pictures of your hunts here in this Great State. Here's my first (sorry about the pic!) Had a very short hunt after Church and...
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    Day Before the Storm

    Hey all, took off half a day of work to get some hunting in before the winter storm we're supposed to get (tonight and tomorrow). Was out for a hour and 15 minutes and managed to limit and get a Hun. Saw a lot of birds, but they were spooky. Rania did very well, hope to get out some this...
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    Good Day, Today!

    Hey all, today was a much better day than the opener. Saw a lot of birds today and was able to limit out in an hour. Raina did very well. I used my 12b Churchill Premiere (with those nasty 25" barrels!) And the hero of the day....Raina Augusta Victoria Von St. Antonius Best Greg
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    Hey all, well..........looks like the tail end of the season will fair no better than the beginning. Was out yesterday for a couple hours, tough going. Snow depths did vary, but the "Thanksgiving" weekend storm sure did cover up some of the better cover around us. Cattail sloughs are getting...
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    How's Your Season Going?

    Hey all, just curious to see how folks are doing so far this year. Been a bit of an odd one for us. Most of the prime areas we hunt are either underwater, have a lot of standing crop or the weather has played havoc with getting to them. I haven't shot one yet this year. My son Jim and I went...
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    Meet Our New Pup - Addie

    Hi all, well we have*a new addition to our family.* A beautiful 9 week old GSP.* Her full name is:* NoDak's Adelaide*Von St. Antonius, Addie for short. My wife thought up the name which in Old German means Noble.* Everyone liked it and the name stuck.* This pup is not from a litter that we were...
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    For Sale - Garmin Alpha 100/TT-15

    Hi all, up for sale is a used, but in great shape and perfect working order a Garmin Alpha 100/TT-15.* I have used this unit for two years with no issues or problems.* I just want to go to something a bit simpler.* No damage to any of the components.* Does have some hunting wear, but nothing...
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    FOR SALE 16ga AyA Matador

    Hi all, I have up for sale in excellent condition (like NIB), a hard to find AyA 16ga Matador. No problems or issues with this gun, tight, on face, no dings, dents, cracks or damage to the stock (couple of minor pressure marks), metal blue is about 99%. No problems with the single selective...
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    Over Till Next Year!

    Hey all, well, today was the last day of our bird hunting season. For us, it was a tough one. I have to say it's been the worst season I've had in many a year. Bird numbers were way down, lots of lost cover due to last years drought and the weather was screwy as well. Still, it's always...
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    Happy Thanksgiving!

    Happy Thanksgiving to all of you and your families! God Bless! Greg
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    About Time!!!

    Today I was finally able to get a couple roosters. These are my first since the season opened 2 weeks ago. Been seeing very few birds this year. In my neck of the woods they are way down. Still, nice to get out and enjoy the nice weather (for a change!) with my son and my faithful Raina...
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    How's Everyone Doing?

    Hey all, just curious to find out how you all are doing so far this season? Been a week since opener and the weather has been crappy. Went out yesterday (first decent day all week), and saw a grand total of 3 birds. Two hens and one rooster that got up wild. Was hunting some of my old good...
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    Today's Opener

    Hi all, well today's pheasant opener was the worst I've seen in years (at least for my son and I)! We had a mix of rain and snow these last 3 days that has made most of the roads a quagmire of mud and slop. We weren't able to get to most of our spots due to the terrible road conditions. Even...