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    Can someone tell this computer dummy how post a pm
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    Just a reminder— Just spent part of a cruddy raining day prep for season— I’m sure you are all ahead of me but—for those that aren’t- Have you gone through you first aid kits both for the one you carry in the field and the major one in the vehicle?/ Found it works best to empty them...
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    Pre-season prep. Well guys it’s less than two months to the opener😀😀 Time to get those pups in shape—if they are not already -as they should be- First aid kits up to date—ect.
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    david0311---Pheasant Care

    Season getting closer:):) Just a thought--18 days to S.D. opener Does anyone else try and clean their birds in the field?? When hunting myself --I like to clean birds as soon as possible-- So--when hunting by myself with one or two others--(not guiding) I have a old cooler about half full...
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    Starting to get my gear in order for season-- Went through both of my dog first aid kits-carry kit and truck kit- Do we want some discussion on who carries what/why etc. or has that been beaten to death in the past? A least go through yours and refresh whats in there :cheers:
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    Looking at a Perazzi SC-1 Lightweight field .12 gauge--from 1970's--near mint--anyone with any information--have one-had one-estimated value ect--thanks dc:cheers:
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    2012 road counts

    2012 counts are in--see SD web site