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    Moving South

    Good Show!!! Those pictures are beautiful (along with the subject matter!). Lucky Dog! Best, Greg
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    For Sale - Dogtra Pathfinder Mini

    Hey all, well, I got myself a Pro 550 Plus, so I have up for sale in excellent condition a Dogtra Pathfinder mini. This has been a great little unit, easy to use and has performed without flaw. No issues or problems with the unit. Here's what you get: 1) Factory Box and Case (not shown) 2)...
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    WTB- Garmin Pro 550 Plus

    Hey all, just was wondering if anyone has a used Garmin Pro 550 Plus and/or TT-15 Collar they want to get rid of/ Needs to be in good working order (both correction and GPS) with no technical issues. Let me know if you have one. Thanks so much! Greg
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    FOR SALE - Orvis Waxed Cotton Strap Vest

    Hey all, I have up for sale in good shape, a used, but not abused Orvis Waxed Cotton Upland vest. Size M/L. No issues or problems with the vest, except for a small tear on the mesh back (see pic). Nothing broken, everything works as it should Details on the vest can be found here...
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    Last Day!

    Thanks also for the kind words. I consider myself a very lucky man. Great family, live in a nice small farm town and have a great life. I'm blessed!
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    Last Day!

    Thanks for the kind words! Addie is 22 months old. She's not any kin to Raina Thanks again Best Greg
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    Last Day!

    Hey all, well today ended our season. It was a good one, not great, but darn better than the last two. Yesterday was kind of a bust, didn't bust a cap and saw fewer than the last few times out. Friday was really good, two limits in two hours. Today my son Jim and I went out, we could have...
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    Todays Hunt - 2020 Season

    Nice PTM, very nice! Best, Greg
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    Todays Hunt - 2020 Season

    Hey all, first off Happy New Years to you and yours! Today is my son Will's last day at home, he has to head back to Ft Drum tomorrow. So we went on a hunt before he leaves. It was a very good day! We both limited in about 2 hours. Will made a real nice shot and I was lucky to get a double...
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    Raina's Special Day!

    Hey all, well today my Raina girl turned 8 years old! So for her present, we took her hunting! She did really well today, very nice stanch points and great field work. So good in fact, y son Will was able to limit out in about 45 minutes. This is the first time he's done that since he went...
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    Merry Christmas!!!

    A Very Merry Christmas from my family to yours! God bless all here. Greg
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    Todays Hunt - 2020 Season

    Hey all, Merry Christmas to you all! My son's Will and Jim and I went out for a very short hunt before our Christmas Eve dinner. Saw a lot of birds, mostly hens. The boy birds were spooky however. Will and I managed a bird a piece thanks to Addie's hard work. Jim, Addie and Will with Will's...
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    Sylmar, Cuga or Other?

    Hi all, I've had both the Cuga & Sylmar vests. The Cuga was really nice, but just didn't fit my dogs well. To bad, because they are nice vests. The Sylmar were also good, but it chaffed the crap out of my dogs legs. I tried the LCS vest here...
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    Todays Hunt - 2020 Season

    Hey all, my son Will is home for Christmas Leave, so today Will, my other son Jim and I went out for a little hunt. Both the boys did well. Jim got a rooster, but had to leave early so no pic of him. Will and I walked some more areas and Will was able to get a nice grouse. He also got a...
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    Todays Hunt - 2020 Season

    Hey all, My son Jim and I went out for a couple hours today, wasn't terribly successful. I managed one. We did see quite a few birds, almost all hens (we could have limit out in a half hour if you could shoot hens!). Not many boy birds. The ones we saw were pretty skittish. That time of the...
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    Todays Hunt - 2020 Season

    Hey all, well today was a good one. Went out solos after Church with my trusty Raina. She did very well! The weather today was simply amazing! 50's, sunny and light winds.....a perfect day! I hope we don't have tp pay the piper too much for this fantastic weather we're having! Anyway...
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    Todays Hunt - 2020 Season

    Hey all, went out today with my son Jim. We hunted a different area. Saw birds, but not as many as yesterday. I managed 2 and Jim got 1. It was a windy day, but Addie did a fine job! Very proud of this 20 month old. I used my 12b F.A. Anderson (Jim didn't want me to take his picture today...
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    Todays Hunt - 2020 Season

    Hey all, my son Jim and I went out for our pre-dinner, Thanksgiving Day hunt. We each got one a piece. We saw plenty of birds, but boy were they ever spooky. Flushing way head and not giving Raina much of a chance to pin one. She did manage to pin a couple however. So....she was the hero of...
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    Gun Boxes - worth keeping?

    +1, well stated! Best, Greg