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    NE Opener.

    Just got home from my first ever trip to NE. Hunted SW and SC areas.3.5 days , 4 guys , 4 dogs, Lots of ground , good habitat. Birds were Super Spooky!!! Just about everywhere we pulled into on opening day had hunters. Roosters acted like late season birds. Tough to get on. I hit one I though...
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    Grant County pheasants?

    I have an invite to hunt on some private farms in Grant County, Oklahoma. Im not sure of the exact town there but know its in Grant. Do any of you guys hunt there. How have the Pheasants and quail been in that area? Do you think it would be worth the 15 hr trip in January? Thanks!
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    First trip in the books

    Just got home from My first trip to MT. We started on a piece of private the fist day. Got 1 rooster and 4 sharpies. We both missed a couple grouse and I had a miss on one of the easiest shots Ive been presented by a rooster ever! Had a safety still on shot (those don't throw lead , so Ill call...
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    Tough to say

    I hunted central ND for 3 days on my way home from Montana. Hit a piece of private south of 94. Corn was still on but moved birds. We missed 2. Got some points on hens that held tight and presented perfect shots (as usual). Had a couple more roosters blow out of the center of the corn. Was...
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    Week after Thanksgiving

    Hunted all last week in NC Kansas. Best quail #'s Ive seen. Most of them were in very thick , woody draws and nearly impossible to hit. Definitely not complaining. Saw plenty enough pheasants to keep us entertained. Found most of them in or near milo. We all got sick , I will blame that for...
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    3 Day Trip...

    We hunted North Central. First two days the wind was brutal. We still managed to find 12 coveys those days. One rooster shot and lost.One rooster doubled on by me and my friend.Te other guys said it sounded like one shot. His pup had it pointed so he got the bird with no argument from me. Total...
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    First MN trip.

    Hey all , we are going to stop and hunt in MN for two days on our way to North Dakota. Our focus will be ruffed grouse and woodcock. I would love the chance to shoot 1 spruce to mark it off of my list. We have hunted in Michigan a couple of times but you couldn't harvest spruce there then. Any...
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    I hunt in south central ND. Y'all been seeing any sharp tail grouse around?
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    Favorable Weather?

    How has the weather been out there this spring / summer? Have the broods had a chance?
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    Scaled Quail question

    I would really like to get into some scaled (blue) quail. We go to western kansas every year and its not too much further to CO. Would it be worth our time to drive to co and look for public land scaled quail? If so , where geographically? Thanks!
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    Back from KS

    Just got in from a short 2.5 day trip to NC Kansas. Came back with three quail , a rooster and two chickens. A light bag , but I can definitely say we saw a lot more birds than in years past. Pheasants were super spooky , even on private land. We scouted out some prairie chickens one evening...
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    Broken promise.......

    After taking two trips this year to Wyoming and North Dakota , I promised the wife that my season was pretty much over except for some woodcock and grouse locally. A few days ago I received a text from my # 1 hunting partner that simply read "Kansas?" I knew what this meant. After presenting my...
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    Was in scotland , U.K. last week. Very neat place! Saw tons of pheasants. I know most all of them were stocked in the past year , but , they stop hunting them in december and I thought the number of carry overs we saw was impressive. Apparently very low predation and for the most part the...
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    Any Tennessee boys on here?

    Just found this TN forum and wondered how many volunteer staters there were? Anybody hunted TN yet this year for grouse , woodcock or quail?
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    anyone sharpie hunt?

    anybody hit the sharp tails this weekend?
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    Wyoming Blues?

    Anybody hunt blues in who this past weekend?
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    perkins county info?

    Hey all , I have been planning and discussing a trip to wyoming with a few guys on here. I plan on hunting sage and blue grouse in wyo then leaving there and meeting some friends in central north dakota to hunt sharpies and ducks. Anyhow , the route i will be taking will be through north west...
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    Wyoming trip advice?

    Hey all , just joined the site. You can read my intro in the intro forum. A friend and I are headed out to who from tennessee the last week in september.Our intent is to shoot a couple of sage grouse before they are closed for good. We would also love to get into some blues if possible. I worked...
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    Hello from Tennessee!

    Hey all , Ive been reading and using the forum for quite a while but finally decided to do a post or two. Ive been bird hunting for about 11 years now and it has become an obsession. I have a 5 year old english setter and a truck with a TON of miles on it! I take a few good trips a year ...