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    Tail Length

    This weekend my coworker’s son shot a rooster with tail feathers almost at the 28” mark. I have witnessed 100+ birds shot each of the the past three seasons and we have had only a handful reach that 24-25”. Are there thoughts about how long it takes a rooster to grow a tail that big?
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    Veterans Day

    I am guessing there are several members in this forum that have served their country or are even currently serving. Your service to our country is appreciated. The sacrifices you have made for both you and your families are no doubt great! I served the ND National Guard for 8 years myself and...
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    What's for Dinner?

    Hear are some of my family's favorite pheasant recipes: 1. Spicy Pheasant Strips: Hot pan with a little oil, dip the pheasant strips into egg wash and flour. Fry until they are golden. Remove and turn heat down. Once pan has cooled down a little, throw the strips back into the pan and add...
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    A Few Firsts

    The first week of pheasant hunting has not disappointed. My 22 year old daughter decided to hunt this year for the first time. Today she got her first birds. Our puppy is six months old and provided her first genuine solid point yesterday. Today, my wife captured one of Willow's many solid...