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    Which upland semi-auto for pheasant?

    I am going to buy my first semi by next fall. Love the A400 xplor look by Beretta. Not sure I would spend much more. Is the appearance going to justify the near double price tag of the A300 Outlander?
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    We like that too. I actually put a key behind the license plate. Undo the screw, make sure you put one in that is for a flathead. Run the bolt through the opening in the key for the door. Have had to drill out a few to get this to work. The bolt is easy enough to undo with a coin...
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    How About The Weirdest, Strangest Thing you've Seen/Experienced While Hunting?

    I am not sure if the this was just cool, strange/wierd or other. I actually remembered to charge my GoPro batteries, remembered to pack it in the truck, got it to sync right away, remembered to turn it on and actually had it focused in the right direction. I was hunting with my daughter and...
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    The birds won't stand a chance with a Vizsla/Lab combo. ;). Expect to pay $1000 give or take in...

    The birds won't stand a chance with a Vizsla/Lab combo. ;). Expect to pay $1000 give or take in ND and $1200-1500 in SD, MN or MT. Willow came from Champions Vizsla. $1500. Roscoe, SD. I would go back. Considered Anderson Kennel. Mitchell, SD - timing for us wasn't right. Ellie came from Doran...
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    Another Season in The Books...

    I have enjoyed reading your hunt updates and look forward to October already. I always wonder what dogs think when they have to quit hunting. Stay healthy and safe Labs!
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    Todays Hunt - 2020 Season

    I really fell in love with the look of the A400 xplore when I saw a picture on this site. Very envious. It is shocking I am still lugging my 30 Year old Remington 870 Express 12 Ga. Next fall I hope to be shooting the A400.
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    Todays Hunt - 2020 Season

    Willow is out of Champions Vizsla out of Roscoe, South Dakota. Our 3 year old we bought from a local fellow near Golden Valley, ND. I feel like I won a lottery with both.
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    Todays Hunt - 2020 Season

    There is a lot of 2020 we may want to forget. Adding Willow to our family in June is definitely not one of those things. I am thankful for the additional time we spent together in the outdoors because we didn't want to or couldn't do other things. This fall was even more special being able to...
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    Late Season Gloves

    I posted on a different thread. I am pasting the post below. I have worn the Mountain Made more as of late. I do like them a lot. Not quite as comfortable as the Second skin but are warmer. Will by another pair but will go a size smaller. “Out of curiosity, I purchased a pair of the Mountain...
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    Tail Length

    I shot a 24" yesterday with a nice set of spurs. The tails are definitely starting to get longer.
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    Last Trip of 2020 produced a Unique Bird

    Thought of your story in my hunt yesterday. Two of us finished walking draw of cattails with a third posting on the road. The poster started walking back south on the road, my other buddy was in the ditch in the middle of cattails. To the north of me was about 30 yards of grass butted up against...
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    Hunting in three states in one day! Can I do it?

    Thanks for the update. I have been waiting to hear how that went for you. It has to be rewarding knowing that you had opportunities and success after careful planning. I am relatively new to this forum but appreciate the relationships that are fostered through it. It is awesome to that you...
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    Raina's Special Day!

    Happy Birthday to Raina the Rooster Machine. Today was a good day to be out. Two friends and I ended with four roosters. I shot straight behind some good dog work from Willow the pup and Ellie. One bird I shot tipped the tape at 24" with some nice spurs. Hard to believe that the season is...
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    Todays Hunt - 2020 Season

    Fresh snow yesterday created a lot more excitement. One slough along the road that I have driven by twenty times and said "Man I should walk that". As we passed it, I noticed pheasant tracks and by the time I slowed down I saw hens on the backside. My daughter and I got out and walked it. The...
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    Colorado Pheasant Hunting Footage

    Hunting fresh snow is so fun when you can see those tracks. Definitely ramps up the adreneline. Thanks for sharing your hunting trip through this video.
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    Last Trip of 2020 produced a Unique Bird

    Very cool bird! Way to trust your gut and walk it out. Exactly what you have to do this time of year. I will be watching for that picture of your mount!;)
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    Todays Hunt - 2020 Season

    Good for you. Glad you made it out with your boys! Merry Christmas to you as well!
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    Lets See Your some pic's

    Willow, my 8 month old Viszla, still working on the retrieving aspect. I may have to leave her older "sister" home who tends to be a bird hog. This picture caught her just snapping her head up at the right moment. Gotta love the V's floppy, soft ears. I have felt blessed the past 3.5 years with...
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    Earning Them Now...

    I was able to get out for a quick walk last night. Dark comes quickly. Went to a new area and found some more sloughs in wheat fields. My hour long effort yielded two more roosters. The picture of my puppy amused me and the second picture is where we got that bird. Don’t overlook anything at...
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    What's for Dinner?

    A new favorite....Pheasant Chow Mein. I used three packs of Chicken Ramon Noodles instead of the Chow Mein Noodles. Just crunch up the Ramon Noodles before opening. I soaked mine for about 2 minutes before adding to the skillet. Now all you need is 4-D so you have Smell-e-vision. Awesome stuff!