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  1. Skeet Mc

    Supplements for joints

    I use Happy Jacks for my 11 year old and she recovers much better and can go longer then she used to. Major difference.
  2. Skeet Mc

    What's in your vest?

    I have two strap vests and a upland coat w/bird bag on the back and shell pockets. All three have leashes, emergency triage kits for the dogs, T-post steppers, Gerber multi tools and since I run wirehairs, a steel bristled comb.
  3. Skeet Mc

    Is this pheasant special??

    Congratulations on a beautiful rooster. I've always called them a buff. I shot one in a 1/4 section field that was waste deep in tumble weeds. It fell in front of another hunter that joined our party through a mutual friend. He was newbie. Since the cover was so thick I asked him to pick it up...
  4. Skeet Mc

    Hello from PA

    Welcome! and best of luck with the new pup. My daughter and son-in-law live in Williamsport. Sure is pretty country.
  5. Skeet Mc

    Irishwhistler passed...

    Sorry to hear of his passing. Prayers for his family.
  6. Skeet Mc

    Deuce etiquette

    This conversation has gone to crap! LOL
  7. Skeet Mc

    White Satin?

    Sweet boom stick!
  8. Skeet Mc

    Garmin 550 Plus and Mini collar

    I went with the leather holster as well. At first I was a little leery of the the button snap being the only thing holding it to my d-ring or belt, but so far so good. I may affix some type of lanyard as backup.
  9. Skeet Mc

    12 ga. or 20 ga for pheasant?

    20 gauge for me.
  10. Skeet Mc

    Garmin 550 Plus and Mini collar

    I moved away from the SD 1850 Uplander to Garmin Pro 550 Plus this year. I don't know how I've lived without it. Simple to use and peace of mind knowing where my dog is in the thick CRP is awesome. Highly recommend!!!
  11. Skeet Mc

    Opening Weekend

    SW Kansas. 6 guys, 12 dogs, one and a half days. 4 roosters in the bag and 4 missed opportunities. Numbers were clearly down from last year in the same areas. Hot, dry and windy. Tough weekend! Still had a great time.
  12. Skeet Mc

    Average drive time to hunt

    Last year was a tuff year for my pickup and trailer. My average last year was 2.5 hrs windshield time. I hope things are better this year in my back yard.
  13. Skeet Mc

    lunch on the hunt

    One of my favorites is pheasant salad sandwiches.
  14. Skeet Mc

    Pointing Labs in Kansas

    Justin, I see you hunt the Hugoton area. I will be there tonight. We always stay at the Flamingo. Blue Ford pickup with white dog trailer. Stop and say hello if you see me out and about. Skeet
  15. Skeet Mc

    Headin' 'Em Up for the Happy Hunting Grounds

    I will be in the SW despite the drought map. I may have to shift north if its as bas as they say it is. Best of luck......stay safe!!!
  16. Skeet Mc

    New to the forum

    Welcome to the forum! I have hunted SE Colorado for many years. The landowner that allows us to hunt his property called after harvest and said to not bother this year. We will hunt KS WIHA instead. One thing is for sure, if you don't go won't kill any birds. Good luck and stay safe.
  17. Skeet Mc

    Youth Season

    That's the good stuff!! Thanks for sharing.
  18. Skeet Mc

    Question about my now deaf dog...

    Like the others have said GPS works well. I run the Garmin Pro 550 Plus. It also has a vibration mode. Maybe you could train the ole girl to take commands based off feel of vibration. 1=Whoa, 2=change direction, 3=recall. Good luck and let us know how it goes.
  19. Skeet Mc

    Question on an SD-1875 collar

    I recently moved to the Garmin 550 Pro Plus system but I used the SD 1875 Upland for years with no issues. If the light on the collar comes on when the button is pushed on the controller it is synced up. Do you have the little test light that came with it? It maybe that the current has been...
  20. Skeet Mc

    Question on an SD-1875 collar

    Does it light up when the controller button is pushed?