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    New upland gun!

    Been looking at o/u's for a while, in my price range there wasn't going to be anything of reasonable quality that I wouldn't want to replace in a couple years. Happened across a gorgeous 1973 Auto 5 Light 12. Shot a few rounds thru it this morning after chasing teal and really instantly fell in...
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    Boss shotshells?

    Anybody try them? I've got a couple different boxes to try out, going to pattern them this weekend. I'll primarily use them for waterfowl, but cant hurt to keep some lead out of the areas I hunt either
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    Our new GSP pup!

    We picked up Tuff this past Friday at 7 weeks + a couple days. Got him from Chris at 6R Upland Kennels here in Iowa. He is my first bird dog, wife and I are really excited. Right now we are getting him introduced to the clicker during feeding and working on potty training. Once he...
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    New pup-resources?

    My wife and I have a GSP pup on the way, we bring him home on May 15th. I need to get him a good dog bed, some toys etc. Whats the most hunter friendly online retailer to purchase from? Thanks!
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    Deposit has been placed

    My wife and I put down a deposit on a GSP pup with Chris of 6R Upland Kennels here in Iowa. Born date looks to be around end of March. Pup will be my first birddog, grew up with them but never had one of my own. I'm quite excited to train up the dog. Eventually I'd like to be able to have...
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    Favorite O/U 16 gauge?

    My lovely wife owe's me a shotgun, I'm covered for turkey, waterfowl and deer with my current lineup. I'd like a 16 gauge O/U for chasing rooster/quail and sporting clays. Looking at Fausti or possibly a F.A.I.R. of some model. Would like to stay under $2500. Thoughts?
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    Gear ?'s

    Good morning, I need a pair of upland pants. I have insulation I can wear underneath so not a huge deal breaker if they aren't overly warm, just need to be durable. Also wondering what you're favorite vest is? I'm going to primarily be chasing upland game here in Iowa, however after my wife...
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    Sam's last bird

    Good afternoon, Quick story about my Dad's bird dog, Sam. Ole Sam will be 13 this year, has hip issues from jumping their dang 6 foot fence chasing after squirrels and really struggles if he hunts more than a half hour or so. Really tough seeing such a good hunting dog not be able to do...
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    Sweet 16?

    Looking to pick up an A5 Sweet Sixteen, never hunted with a 16 gauge before but hopefully I can get it by the time season rolls around. I don't have my own dog, the one in my profile pic is my Dad's old G.W.P. and he has turned into a house dog, poor Sam is just too old. Going to be buying a...
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    Hello from IA

    New to the site, looking to get more into bird hunting. Tough proposition here in IA as the birds have been in a sharp decline since I was a little kid, but I still enjoy getting out after them when I'm not chasing ducks and bucks!