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  1. BleuBijou

    Time to Scout for Broods

    Good time to go scout some areas and look for Broods! Talked to my Cousin who does some blade work on county roads and he is starting to see hens with broods in Eastern Colorado. Surprised me a bit because the area was hit hard with hail about a month ago. Saw 3 separate hens with big broods in...
  2. BleuBijou

    Broken toe nails

    Any suggestions or remedy's for a dog's toe nail that is torn and split all the way up ? only parts hanging on are at the base. Two splits, so basically 3 nails.
  3. BleuBijou

    2017 Drought Monitor

  4. BleuBijou

    LPC Gains 30,000 Acres

    Lesser Prairie Chicken Range-wide Conservation Plan Progress PRATT ? On March 31, the Western Association of Fish and Wildlife Agencies (WAFWA) submitted to the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service its third annual report detailing achievements under the Lesser Prairie Chicken Range-wide Conservation...
  5. BleuBijou

    Rare Sage Grouse

    Saw this on a Wyoming site. Leucistic or Albino?
  6. BleuBijou

    Kansas Rental

    Sun City, Kansas..... BY THE WEEK to hunters if you can think of anyone, send them our way. 970-509-9635 (me) or 620-213-1676 (Tim's) . We will leave the house furnished, it is a 3 bedroom, 1 bathroom with a Queen bed, a Double bed , and 2 TWIN beds , 2 couches, gas kitchen stove, a nice...
  7. BleuBijou

    Kansas Rental

    Anyone hunting around Sun City for birds or deer and Turkey...... BY THE WEEK to hunters if you can think of anyone, send them our way. 970-509-9635 (me) or 620-213-1676 (Tim's) . We will leave the house furnished, it is a 3 bedroom, 1 bathroom with a Queen bed, a Double bed , and 2 TWIN beds ...
  8. BleuBijou

    New Barrel Home

    Got my Barreled action back with my new 30" Bartlein Barrel with 5 r Rifling and JP enterprises Brake. Loading up some 230gr, Berger OTM's in 30-378 Weatherby Mag. Hope she shoots like she looks..One thing is for sure, I will burn all the powder before it leaves the barrel now!!
  9. BleuBijou

    Snake Avoidance Class Denver

    FYI... Anyone that enjoys the outdoors with his or her dog is invited to participate in the Snake Avoidance Clinic. At this clinic your dog will receive training with a proven method of snake proofing. Your dog will be trained to recognize snakes by sight, sound or smell and may even warn you...
  10. BleuBijou

    Nfl draft rate your team

    NEW CROP of NFL talent. RATE how you think your Team fared overall!!
  11. BleuBijou

    2016 drought monitor

    April brings nest initiation.
  12. BleuBijou

    Wild Fires

    Any ground reports coming from this massive Wild land fire that is on top of Sun City..I heard 75 square miles, but that was yesterday!! Wish the 14 inches of heavy wet snow we got this morning would head your way!!:eek:
  13. BleuBijou

    Bartlein Barrels

    I just wanted to give a report on my rifle barrel experience with Bartlein barrels... I was in need of a new Barrel for my 30-378 Weatherby as I love to shoot and accurracy was diminshing this year after years of service and around 830+ rounds down the tube.. For this powder burning cannon, that...
  14. BleuBijou

    Nfl playoffs

    Alright gents, who is going to make it to the big dance this year for our 50th Superbowl? Here is my Uneducated final 2!! Carolina Panthers: Hard to discount what they have acomplished and they have a darn good team and their Quarterback is not too shabby either. Kansas City Chiefs: Coming in...
  15. BleuBijou

    Woodcock sighting

    Every year there is a bird count of birds in the area. It is usually around the end of the year and may be part of the Audubon society. They come up with some birds that are rare in our neck of the country every year..Last year there was a Woodcock sighted at a natural area West of town that is...
  16. BleuBijou

    Fiochi 28 Gauge Golden Pheasant #6

    Found a great deal today local @ Jensen arms. They had 12 or so boxes of the Fiochi Golden Pheasant loads for the 28 in #6 nickel plated for 8.35 a box. They had some more 28 gauge ammo in 7 1/2 for the same price. If you are somewhat local to Loveland it is a pretty good deal. I also picked up...
  17. BleuBijou

    Kansas Coyotes

    I have been told there are a bunch of Yotes running around this year. I am thinking of making a trip to thin some out and help some birds out... Does one have to contact the GF to hunt at night on Private ground? Or is night hunting taboo? I know here we have to contact the Division and let them...
  18. BleuBijou

    Merry Christmas UPHer's

    May everyone have a Merry Christmas and a great New Year!!!
  19. BleuBijou

    Colorado Opener

    Well, time is near....The Stars are starting to line up.. Where is everyone heading to on the 14th or are you sitting the Opener out and waiting for the Weekend Warriors to have their weekend and be done before embarking on the Season?
  20. BleuBijou

    Sept. Hail

    Severe Weather Get Mobile & Email Alerts U.S. Severe Alerts Europe Severe Alerts Convective Outlook Storm Reports Phillips Severe Watches & Warnings NOAA Weather Radio Severe Thunderstorm Warning Statement as of 4:29 PM CDT on September 10, 2015 The National Weather Service in Hastings has...