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    Tough year in Nebraska

    We were there opening weekend. TOUGH. Birds were really spooky.
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    North Central Kansas Advice

    Have hunted KS a couple of times on opening day of deer season. No issues. We definitely try to avoid them if we see a truck parked where we want to hunt , mostly out of respect and not wanting to mess them up. We have had them stop and ask if they can set on the opposite side of a section while...
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    DIY Late Season Hunt

    Stayed in Lacrosse a few years ago. Found plenty of quail. Hunted extreme SW Nebraska this year. Pheasants were few and far between. Smith Center area might be good to base out of. Mixed bag possible there.
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    Feral cats

    Yea , So , I got my degree in Wildlife and Fisheries Biology in the early 2000's. We used to get a little extra credit to attend when masters and phd students would present or defend their Thesis and research projects. One of the ones I sat through was done on feral hose cats effects on...
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    Opening Weekend

    Ahhh , makes sense. I guess I have seen those now , just didn't realize what I was looking at. Wish they'd go back to that method. Thanks for the lesson!
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    Mid January '21 hunt

    There are some pockets. We have had days where we killed a couple each. Never have seen those huge flushes much there but to be fair , Its just about always been late season.
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    Mid January '21 hunt

    Lots of WHIA in that area. Have hunted that general vicinity many times. Lots of CRP loss over the last decade. You'll find quail and the occasional group of chickens. Hunted in Stockton one year , had no idea it was gonna snow till we opened the motel door and there was 5'' pilled up next to...
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    Opening Weekend

    Sir , just curious what you are referring to as a tailwater pit? Is this something to do with a center pivot?
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    Tropical SD Hunt

    Good Times!!!
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    Check out these bad boys...

    I see the pheasant when the photo is enlarged. Pretty cool.
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    Check out these bad boys...

    Sharpie feather themed?
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    NE Opener.

    You may get some better weather and less pressure. It wasn't a waste land , good luck!!
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    It’s not just hunters.

    Events such as this are what get lands closed for all of us. Accidents and mis counts happen , this was intentional disregard. Glad you called!!
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    NE Opener.

    I think Kansas will kill more if the counts weren't just estimates. Based simply on the massive amounts of public lands being available vs Iowa. Its definitely declined in the last 11 years I've been hunting there. I thought in general the habitat in NE looked better. I haven't hunted Iowa since...
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    NE Opener.

    Yea , We have discussed only hunting quail on the KS trips for years , due to insanity we just keep pounding crp looking for Pheasants. I think had we concentrated on quail we would have had a much better trip.
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    NE Opener.

    Just got home from my first ever trip to NE. Hunted SW and SC areas.3.5 days , 4 guys , 4 dogs, Lots of ground , good habitat. Birds were Super Spooky!!! Just about everywhere we pulled into on opening day had hunters. Roosters acted like late season birds. Tough to get on. I hit one I though...
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    NE Opener

    I wasn't far from Beaver City. Hunted East and West of there. Was Tough. Birds were super spooky and plenty of other hunters. We scratched out a rooster and some quail. Too hot / dry.
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    mid January quail/pheasant hunt to north central Ks. ( staying in Lucas ). Bringing 3 Brittany's and a Lab.

    Im a #5 for Pheasants and a 7.5-8 for quail. Honestly I dig through the top of the dog box and whatever is rolling around that I grab first. Also , If you have hunted the upper midwest , ks is a different deal as far as water goes. You better carry every ounce the dogs and you need.
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    mid January quail/pheasant hunt to north central Ks. ( staying in Lucas ). Bringing 3 Brittany's and a Lab.

    Have done that trip from TN 11 times. As stated , birds will be spotty. We have rented a house in Lucas before. Good area to base out of given the amount of WHIA within a 50 mile radius. There will be lots of areas that are just cut wheat or milo. You have to get out of the truck and see what's...