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    I've had to adjust my gun as I've aged. Drop, cast and pull. I've found trying to retrain something not natural, is hard to master especially when your instinctive when shooting. It's not hard to make the gun fit changes. There are kits for new guns our you can make your own from cardboard...
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    Upland brush pants

    Take a look at the Gamehide brush buster. I've been pleasantly surprised. I had been an avid Columbia Briarshun user for years and stocked up several pair and use them today, but the Gamehide fronts are pretty darn good. I've stocked up on several pair as well. Now for the size, they make...
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    What's in your vest?

    Shells, Gloves and Transmitter...that's it
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    What is the best pair of boots you ever owned for hunting pheasants?

    I had a pair back in the day as well. I've become a big fan of their Outback boot. I think Rocky has come out with an upland specific boot as well.
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    Hunt Clubs in IL

    I live near Richmond, IL and there is a real nice hunt club there. However, I don't believe they offer Turkey hunting. If you're into the larger game you'll need to take the advice of the one poster to go lease up some ground from a farmer.
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    Pic's '20 Season

    A few pics from last week in Kansas
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    How's the season so far?

    A few more
  8. Straightup82

    How's the season so far?

    A few more
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    How's the season so far?

    A few photos from last week were we spent 4 days on the ground and 100+ miles put on each dog....
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    How's the season so far?

    Just got back last night from 4 days on the ground. We waited until 9-9:30 to get into the field and even then early in the week when it was cold an snow on the ground, the first field didn't produce until later. I'll post a few photo. Found more pheasant than quail.
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    Pic's '20 Season

    Another good day before heading to Kansas for a week.
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    Pic's '20 Season

    A few more from the last 2 days.
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    Pic's '20 Season

    A few from today. Finding a good number of birds. 11 birds pointed today.
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    Pic's '20 Season

    A few pic's from the start of the season
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    Alpha 200.

    There is a Garmin Alpha group on facebook that has many users and their feedback/impressions by the various users will give you a good sense. New product that will get better over time. I'm sticking with my Alpha 100's for now.
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    Where's the ammo?

    I'm not sure the cause.....Covid or fear around the election outcome. cannot imagine it being anything other than those two things.
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    Missouri Opener

    Talked to a few of my buds who have been taking advantage of the weather (or not) before I get back to MO. They're top notch bird finders finding 3-4 coveys per day. If you'e close to a decent shot, that means getting into many opportunities to harvest a limit. Covey size good. Look forward...
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    Missouri Opener

    Headed back to MO for the opener and 6-7 days of bird hunting before deer season. Will then pick things back up in MO around Thanksgiving. Will give Kansas a go after their deer season as well. 3 high power pointers ready to go. Looking forward to hearing/seeing from others.
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    I think its a really good product. They're introducing a 3D feature that looks to bring an even lower elevation clarity to the properties. Works great laptop, pad or phone.