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  1. Skeet Mc

    New Scatter Gun

    I purchased the Franchi Instinct SL 20ga w/26" barrels. I really like the weight and classic styling of this little gun. It shoulders fast!!! I will pattern the gun this evening and use it this weekend on what will probably be my last quail hunt of the year. Is anyone else shooting on of these...
  2. Skeet Mc

    For Sale: Sport Dog 1225 Two Dog System

    I have upgraded to a new system and want to sale my Sport Dog 1225 System. 2 E-Collars 1 Remote 2 Chargers 2 Sport Dog DSL 400 Beeper/Locators Everything in good working condition. $200 and I will ship to you USPS, UPS or Fed-ex
  3. Skeet Mc

    One More Time Before Season Ends

    I am headed back to KS tomorrow for one last go before the season ends. This will be my fifth trip this year. I enjoy the challenge of late season WIHA for what it is. Expectations are low but my excitement is high. If you see a blue and tan Ford with a white six hole trailer.....stop and say...
  4. Skeet Mc

    Chicken and Sharptail Lodges

    I just returned from SD and we saw good chicken sharptails. I was hopeing to get some names of lodges in SD and or Nebraska that specialize in Chickens and sharpies. Any good ones??
  5. Skeet Mc

    2015 Texas Pheasant Opener

    The 2015 Texas Pheasant season is fast approaching!!! Be safe and Happy Hunting!! Post some pictures if you get time.
  6. Skeet Mc

    Question: Prairie Chicken start time / chokes

    On the SD pheasant opening weekend I will be hunting PC and Sharp Tail. Do I have to wait until noon to start if I'm not hunting pheasant? Question number two: I'm sure the PC and ST have had some pressure by now, would IM / M be better then M / IC? Thanks for any help!!!
  7. Skeet Mc

    American Birdhunter on location

    I spent last Sunday with the cast and crew of American Birdhunter. Randy Lack was as nice and as he e could be. We had a blast hanging with the Wolf Creek crew. Just goes to show you bird hunting folks are just good folks.
  8. Skeet Mc

    Last day of Texas Pheasant Season Melba and Millie stayed in the trailer. This was all Bonnie!!! I'm pretty darn proud of that pup.
  9. Skeet Mc

    Taking a break this weekend.

    My GWP's are tired and beat up. Also my wife needs some husband time. So I am taking the weekend off. Now I am trying to decide where to go next weekend. So many great places this year makes it hard to decide. What a difference a year and rain makes.
  10. Skeet Mc

    Amarillo Area Quail Forever Startup Meeting

    Just wanted to give all of those in the Amarillo area a heads up. Quail Forever Startup Meeting will be at the Downtown Courtyard Marriott (Boardroom) at 6:30 on the 7th of January. I hope to meet some you UPH folks there.
  11. Skeet Mc

    Pic test

  12. Skeet Mc

    Last Day for Texas Phheasant

    I will be spending the last afternoon of the pheasant season chasing roosters in the snow. I will let yall know how it went when I get back from the hunt. GO COWBOYS!!!!!!
  13. Skeet Mc

    Wheeler TX Bob White

    I just got home from a trip to Wheeler TX. The Bob's held tight in the the cold weather and my GWP's were on fire. We pushed 5 coveys in 5 hrs. I took 11 birds. One true double with my SxS 28. What a difference the rains made!!!
  14. Skeet Mc

    Wild Game New Years

    Back Strap Fondue, Wild Turkey Nuggets, Pheasant Poppers and Quail and Rice Bake. Oh Yea and maybe a few Jim and Cokes. What did you you have for New Years Dinner? Happy New Years Y'all!!!!!!
  15. Skeet Mc

    I got the Blues

    I just got back from hunting three days in the Roswell NM area, and WOW!!! The Blues were awesome. I haven't seen that many in years. If not for the poor shooting we could have shot our limits before noon each day. It's a long trip from Amarillo but I will go back before the season ends. Sorry...
  16. Skeet Mc

    Broken toe question.

    I have a GWP that broke a toe the last weekend in November. The swelling has come down an she is no longer limping. How long should I give the toe to heal before I let her hunt.
  17. Skeet Mc

    When to release

    A friend from church has purchased some pheasant to help re populate his farms. The birds are 50/50 male and female. He asked me to come run my dogs and guide a hunt on the roosters after they are released. Not having done this before, how long should we wait to hunt them after they are released...
  18. Skeet Mc

    Newbie to the Forum

    Thanks for adding me to the group. Friends call me Skeet. My passions are upland hunting with my 3 GWP's, seeing new country and meeting new people with the same interests. I live in the Amarrilo area and travel the entire western U.S. in search of the next point. God help me, I do love it...