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  1. Toad

    WTB Pigeons near mhk

    If anyone around Manhattan has a few pigeons to sell, please let me know. Thanks!
  2. Toad

    Tent Camping in November

    I'm planning a 4-day, 3-night trip around KS pheasant country. Looking for an adventure more than just a hunting trip, so I've decided to tent camp. I'm planning to hunt during the day and then set up camp at night. If I hit a really great spot, maybe I'll stay 2 nights, otherwise just work...
  3. Toad

    A/T Tires

    Looks like I will need new tires on my 4runner this Winter. I hunt usually 4 days a week from October-February. The afternoon trips are usually only 30ish miles one way, but I will also burn a couple days of vacation each month and rack up miles bouncing all over the state. I'm looking for...
  4. Toad

    French Brittany

    I am about to put down my deposit on my first French Britt. The pups are due in about a month, and obviously we are very excited! I have two friends with dogs from a previous breeding between the sire and a sister of the dam, so I have a pretty good idea of the quality of hunter I'll be...
  5. Toad

    Looking for leads on a pup this Spring

    Looking for leads on a pup this Spring. March at the earliest. I'm not totally decided on what breed, but it needs to be pointy. My top 3 breeds are currently French Brittany, German Wirehair, and Pointing Lab. I lost Daisy (my avatar dog) to Cancer a few weeks ago. Daisy's range was...
  6. Toad


    Anybody finding any morels out there? I'm planning a walkabout on Friday, just wondering if anybody is having success right now. I would think we've had enough warmth and moisture, but I am terrible at guessing when they will pop. :laugh:
  7. Toad

    Starting a dog on rabbits

    Hear me out... :laugh: I want to start my older dogs on rabbits. Britt and GWP. At this point, they pretty much ignore rabbits, especially cottontails. They might chase for 2 steps if they bump one, but then go right back to bird hunting with no scolding or input from me at all. Daisy...
  8. Toad

    Gunless (mostly) season

    Just received my falconry license from KDWPT today, so my focus this season will be on putting my hawk in a position to catch game. I'll be flying a red tail hawk (hopefully) by November, and looking for rabbits. If you know of any bunny spots you would be willing to share, or landowners with...
  9. Toad

    WTB bottom ejecting 20ga pump

    Wanting to purchase a 20 gauge pump that ejects shells out the bottom. A Browning BPS, or an Ithaca 37, or other similar model. Youth/female size stock would be ideal, or at least needs to have a stock that can be modified to fit a youngster. Please PM or post here. Thanks.
  10. Toad

    Pig wanted

    Can anybody recommend a guide that offers pig hunts. I like to eat pork, and I think a pig hunt would be something fun and different to do. I'm not looking for a luxury lodge. I enjoy an adventure and getting my boots dirty. I was thinking Oklahoma if possible... Somewhere I can get the...
  11. Toad

    C'mon Already!!!

    All I want for Christmas is a few snow roosters! What's a guy gotta do to get some snow around here, seriously!!! Watching my dogs clown around in fresh snow is always a season highlight. C'mon Already, SNOW DAMMIT, SNOW!!! :D
  12. Toad

    quail steel

    Anybody pursue quail in areas that are no-tox only? What are you using for shells? I'm a 1-gun hunter, and it happens to be a 12 ga. Yeah, yeah, I know, that is already a lot of gun for a quail. Plus you add in a waterfowl load on top of that, and chasing quail with this rig seems pretty...
  13. Toad

    Etiquette question

    I tried to field a question from the novice hunter in our group. He's been hunting with us for a few years now, but pretty much only goes out once a year with our group... He only got one quail for the weekend, and didn't shoot much, in spite of being sent in to flush on many of the points...
  14. Toad

    Archers check your arrows

    As archery deer season approaches, just want to remind all the archers out there to check your arrows and throw out any that show signs of being structurally compromised, and make sure you are using the correct arrows for your draw length. :thumbsup: I did a pretty stupid move on Friday that...
  15. Toad

    Stihl Chainsaw experience?

    I'm so fed up with my Jonsered chainsaw, I am ready to take a sledge to it! :mad: For the price paid, the amount it is used, and the company's claims of quality, it should have lasted a lifetime. For the life of the saw, it has had a nagging problem of the muffler falling off during normal...
  16. Toad

    copper bullets

    Looking for suggestions on a quality nontoxic bullet for .243. Last year my daughter shot a deer with her youth model .243. It was a perfect shot to the vitals, not through a leg bone or anything... When I went to process the deer I found that the bullet had practically exploded inside the...
  17. Toad

    First quail

    This Spring has been the first one that I have heard quail whistling on my little farm, and Sunday I had the good fortune of seeing a few of them run across the trail ahead of me.:D The place looks about as "quaily" as I can make it on my budget, but it's a tiny island in a vast sea of...
  18. Toad

    Dog Boarding In Manhattan, KS

    Looking for a recommendation for dog boarding in Manhattan, KS. Need to board our two dogs for a week later this Summer, and we've never done that before in Manhattan. Last year we had a neighbor come over and feed them while we were gone, but when we got home they were totally out of water...
  19. Toad


    Beretta Xtrema 2 for sale. Kick-off, Max 4, original case, 5 chokes. Shoots 2.75-3.5" shells. I bought it new. It's been my one gun for all upland, waterfowl, and trap. It's been a magic wand of avian death. :laugh: But seriously, it's a great gun that has been properly cared for...
  20. Toad

    prairie chicken exhibit at FHDC

    If anybody is within a reasonable drive of the Flinthills Discovery Center, I would highly recommend stopping by the prairie chicken exhibit that is currently on the second floor. The photography is stunning. There are some of the best photos I've ever seen of greater and lesser prairie...