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  1. Straightup82

    Pic's '20 Season

    A few pic's from the start of the season
  2. Straightup82

    Missouri Opener

    Headed back to MO for the opener and 6-7 days of bird hunting before deer season. Will then pick things back up in MO around Thanksgiving. Will give Kansas a go after their deer season as well. 3 high power pointers ready to go. Looking forward to hearing/seeing from others.
  3. Straightup82

    How are things shaping up for the hatch?

    Any updates on how the hatch is going? Looks like parts of Texas might be shaping up well. Things look pretty good in Missouri.
  4. Straightup82

    Gett'n After'm

    After Tgiving I will be spending the next 3 weeks between NE/NC Missouri and then to Kansas after their deer season chasing birds. Two buddies and 8 dogs ready to cut fields all day. Will post here some on how it's going and would like to hear about others as well.
  5. Straightup82

    Finding Any Birds?

    The snow of late has made things a litte tough, but seeing bird numbers similar to last year. ~3 coveys per 2-3 hours in the field. Good size coveys that allow you to chase some singles. How are the rest of you doing now that deer season is over?
  6. Straightup82

    Findings Birds?

    North East and North Central Missouri is dry and with warm temperatures so is anyone having much luck finding and getting birds pointed currently? Very early in the morning and very late in the afternoon are when we are getting the majority of our birds pointed? Been pounding some awesome...