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    Hunting Luckimute Valley Pheasants

    I was there a couple of weeks ago and was really pleased with all aspects of the hunt. I plan on going again but would like to have one or two along to help getting the birds up. I hunted area 3 and it is good walking for the older set like me. I live in Carlton and it is an hour and a half...
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    How is it shapping up?

    Only about 3 weeks to go and some of you have been already in the field. Are the young birds showing color? Has the rains in the Saco (NW) area been a problem? Does Froid still have the big feed the night before opening?
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    Spring bird count

    Has there been any offical or unoffical bird count for NE MT for pheasants?
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    Late Hunting

    I just got back from pheasant hunting around Sako, Malta etc and want you late hunters to know that the bird population is still in great shape. They are definitely skiddish and bunched up but there are plenty of roosters still out there to be taken. The rains have made getting around a...