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    Once in a while you see the waterways in fields hayed. The ditches are mowed and empty farm lots mowed for aesthetics mainly. I have also had a couple farmers tell me they mow to keep any weeds from going to seed and spreading into their crops.
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    In our area the counties still mow the rural ditches. If the county doesn't get to them quickly many of the locals will mow them anyhow.
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    Amazing how many land owners (not just farmers) mow ditches and old empty lots of land that could offer habitat for wildlife. As hunters we should all be pushing our friends, relatives, and neighbors to stop this where possible. I have gotten a few of my friends to stop the beauty mowing...
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    Habitat stamp Required

    If the money goes to adding new habitat and more places for people to hunt. I think I it is a great idea and very much needed. However always a little worried when we trust the government with out money as it seems to get "redirected". I am hopeful this wont be the case and we will see some...
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    Brood counts

    My experience has been the brood reports were very much inline with what we would see in bird numbers. Our group hunts late Oct and Dec. We get a good view with crops and without on bird numbers. I agree it is a shame they are not doing the brood reports.
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    Bird sightings

    Been seeing a lot of quail paired up. Nesting cover looks good in our area. Now that the rain has eased up hopefully we can get some good nesting weather.
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    With all the rain the habitat looks good. Has anybody been seeing any broods yet of quail or pheasants? The cover on our places is so tall and lush hard to see anything, all quail where we are. Have been hearing the quail whistling so some of them survived all the flooding.
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    Lawrence County

    Anybody see pheasants in Lawrence County, IL?
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    West River

    Heading to West River this weekend past Pierre. Any reports from that area from opening weekend? Last year birds were down but still had good hunting. Farmers are telling me they don't know bird numbers yet as crops are still up. Shoot straight!
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    Seeing good bird numbers

    Friend has been combining wheat and seeing a lot of young birds. Also saw several broods in double digits. :)
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    Has anybody seen any quail chicks or the quail paired up? A friend of mine who lives East of Terre Haute, IN said they have been seeing more quail than usual this spring.
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    Needed rain

    West River got some well needed rain out their way yesterday. Crops were starting to suffer and I'm sure the birds needed some moisture too. Down side is being that it got hot and dry they are about two weeks ahead on taking wheat out.
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    Freelance MT birds

    A few of us are starting to plan a trip to MT for 2016 in September. We have never hunted in MT and want to chase some huns and sharpies but also would like to get into a couple sage grouse if feasible. I'm not looking for a map to your honey holes but just some advice and input on how the...
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    Bird sightings

    Anybody seeing many quail or pheasants?
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    I don't hunt in Idaho but wanted to share with those of you that do. I was staying in Pocatello earlier this week traveling and saw about a dozen Chukar from the Holiday Inn Express parking lot. Several of them came to the edge of the parking lot feeding and I guess getting gravel before...
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    Quail covies?

    With all the rain and wet spring is anybody in central IL seeing any broods or covies of quail? Last year it seemed like we had a few more in Crawford County but I haven't heard anything lately.
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    Seeing Birds!

    I talked to a friend in Pierre and he has been seeing a lot of little ones running around while he was cutting wheat. :D
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    Seeing many quail with chicks?

    Anybody have any reports on quail in central and southern IL? Wondering how the quail did nesting this year.
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    Adding Habitat

    We have been hunting with the same farmer in SD for many years. We always pay him a small fee for letting us hunt and utilizing his land. This year he informed us due to the lower bird numbers and loss of habitat he is taking 100% of what $ we give him and using it for additional habitat and...
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    Hunting report

    We hunted last weekend and part of this week. We saw several birds and more hens than roosters. All private land that we have hunted for several years in center of State. No doubt the birds were down compared to last year but there were still good numbers. We limited 4 days and struggled one...