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  1. Highvoltage

    Northwood MN cabin for sale

    Are you’re looking for a hunting/fishing cabin in prime grouse country, and can be used year round ? Take a look at our Northwoods retreat. We are only selling because we are moving to MT to a new area witch will have all of our outdoor activities. We are willing to deal before a reality company...
  2. Highvoltage

    Irish Setters Havoc boots size 13D

    Sorry keeping them.
  3. Highvoltage

    Hunt swap MN for SD,ND or MT hunt

    We have a cabin in MN North woods on a good fishing lake, and would like to swap a grouse hunting trip with someone on a pheasant/ hun hunting trip. If anyone is interested drop me a message. Thx. Nick
  4. Highvoltage

    For sale Benjamin Marauder .22 cal.

    Sold sold sold
  5. Highvoltage

    Terry Redlin RIP

    Just herd Terry Redlin passed away! I'm sure he was the favorite artist of maney of us! I visited his museum a few years back. He sure was a great guy, and will go down as one of the greatest wildlife artist!
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    SOLD sold sold
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  8. Highvoltage

    Here is a hailstorm map site!

    Interesting site to give a rough idea of where the hailstorms hit and when.
  9. Highvoltage

    Hello from Grand Rapids, MN

    Hello I'm an avid bird hunter and looks like you guys got one hell of a nice forum here! I hope I can contribute to it and learn some new things myself. Thanks. Nick:cheers: