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    Guns for sale

    Winchester Model 97 12 gauge pump action, 30" full choke $400* Winchester Model 37 .410 single shot $200* Remington 550-1 .22 semi auto rifle $200* pm email address to me for photos *prices do not include shipping, buy pays shipping to their FFL, no sales to CA
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    Upland brush pants recommendation

    I have tried a bunch of different brands of upland jeans with brush guards that are sew on. Most are ok, the current pair are WBS that I bought on sale. Although they say size 32 waist they are at least 38, thank god for belts. The brush guards started to come off on day one. The button hole...
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    Spring Turkeys?

    Anyone else hunting spring turkeys in Montana? Just curious thoughts on number and gobbling activity with this late spring. I found this long double beard on Saturday (4/21) and managed to fool him after a long hunt. Several of my old reliable spots, when checked before sunrise I heard no...
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    WTS Remington 105 Cti Semi-auto, like new 12 gauge 28" $600

    Remington Semi-auto in like new condition 105 Cti. 28" barrels 12 gauge. Works great, only one or two boxes of shells shot through it. It comes with case, paperwork, lock, and 3 chokes. One minor surface scratch on the butt stock. $600 plus shipping to your FFL.
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    WTS Remington Semi-auto in like new condition

    Remington Semi-auto in like new condition 105 Cti. 28" barrels 12 gauge. Works great, only one or two boxes of shells shot through it. It comes with case, paperwork, and 3 chokes. One minor surface scratch on the butt stock. Asking $600, obo.
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    WTS Browning Citori Field 12 ga 28" barrels

    SOLD PENDING FUNDS Browning Citori 12 gauge, ported, with choke tubes (9 briley). 1973 (based on serial number). I shot this gun for years but no longer use it, someone else should own it. 28" barrels, 14 1/4" LOP $600 plus shipping, obo
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    Anyone else enjoying the nice weather for the turkey opener and the new liberal turkey tags from FWP? I filled a tag on public land yesterday, just one more reason I live in Montana. :cheers:
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    WTB: Columbia Grouse II Vest

    I am looking to purchase a Columbia Grouse II vest, prefer size L, M could work. PM me if you have on for sale.
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    Chukars - having a tough winter

    I was in the Salmon area this weekend chukar hunting. In 15 years of hunting the area I haven't seen this much snow in late Jan. Some areas that normally winter 30-50 birds, had 4-6 and the few birds we shot were in very poor body condition. In fact when I cleaned them I was shocked at how...
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    Last Chukar Hunt of the Season

    I made it out last weekend for a couple of days of chasing chukars in eastern Idaho. Not a lot of birds but lots of wildlife, bighorn sheep, deer, elk, moose, golden eagles, and the dog flushed a mountain lion!!! The birds were spread out by the lack of snow and a little wild. The biggest...
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    Last Hunt of the 2013 season

    I managed to get out of the forest where I now live and back to pheasant range for the last two days of the season. Day one went so well we went back to the same place for day and of course it was totally different! :rolleyes: We did finally catch up to some birds and dog made two great...
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    Redneck Sauces - Townsend

    I have only tried a few of Redneck Sauces and Marinades but they are all good. No I don't work for them, but if you are looking for Montana Made for your game cooking, check them out.
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    Steel Shot 6s

    Steel shot takes a lot of bashing from many hunters, I personally don't have a problem with it. I use it for all of my pheasant hunting, weather required or not. I have tried many sizes of shot over the years (2,3,and 4s) before I tried 6s. I know most hunters think steel 6s won't kill a...
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    Uploading Photos

    I have tried using PhotoBucket and uploading directly from my computer with no luck. Any advice?
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    Good Day - but the snakes are still out!

    I have been busy with other things and haven't been out since the opener. I got to my best Hun spot only to find out it is now a safety zone as they are building a farmstead there. Oh well, I went to the back-up spot and within a 1/2 mile of the truck, I saw a very large rattlesnake before it...
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    Opening Day Report

    I didn't hear the radio alarm go off this morning (volume to low), but the dog nosed me at 5:15. She never does that but must have know what day it was (she saw the gun and vest last night). Off to the mountains to hunt blues (duskys if you wish), cooler and no snakes! :) The first flush...
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    F/S Remington Model 10, 12 gauge 30" full

    I have an Remington Model 10, 12 gauge with 30" barrel. Single slide, bottom ejection, choked full. The buttstock has been replaced and has never seen use. I am asking $195, which includes shipped to your FFL. No CA sales, sorry. PM if your interested (I can provide ebay and gunbroker...
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    Pachmayr Flush Mount Sling Swivel

    Has anyone used or installed these flush mount sling swivels? Do I need a gunsmith to install. Are there other or better options?
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    FS Remington 870 Wingmaster LW 20 gauge Like New

    I have a 870 Wingmaster 20 gauge that I am interested in selling. It an LW Magnum (2 3/4 and 3 shells). The barrel is 28" and fixed modified. Gun is like new other an light wear. I bought it used and haven't put 50 rounds through it. I am asking $400 shipped from my FFL to your FFL. PM me...
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    Oklahoma Rio

    I would post some photos from my recent trip to Oklahoma but can't figure out the uploader. The turkey hunting was outstanding. I watched 16 birds fly out of the roost and land 150 yards in front of me. When I called 4 "satellite" toms broke off from the group and charged up the hill to me...